Get Rid Of Acne Overnight

Steven asks…

Get rid of acne scars overnight?

I hear some different ways to get rid of acne scars overnight but I’m not sure if they actually work. Does anybody know any legitament ways to get rid of acne scars overnight? I’m talking natural home remedies, not some cream thing that you can buy. I just started using Neutrogena All-in-1 Acne Control. It gets rid of past present and future acne but I would like to know something natural that gets rid of acne scars overnight.

admin answers:

I don’t know about OVERNIGHT, but wash the area with warm water and apply honey. Leave it on for about 15 minutes then gently wash off.

Donald asks…

What can I do to treat my acne overnight?

I have acne really bad on my nose and forehead, even though I use Loreal face wash and wash my hair everyday. Anything I can do that will get rid of my acne overnight without irratating or overdrying my face? please help?

admin answers:


You can do all that stuff, but in just a week your acne,pimples,whiteheads,zits, and black heads were gone! I love it and its so cheap for such a large amount of product!

David asks…

How to get rid of facial acne completely overnight?

So, I am 14 (If that helps)
I have had moderate-severe acne since I was 10.
I tried many prescribed solutions (BenzaClear , Mild acne pills)
They didn’t really work.
I want to get rid of my acne overnight, I have a few big red bumps and a lot of redness..
I don’t care if it dries my skin, I JUST WANT IT OFF!

Thanks :D

admin answers:

I’m sorry to have to tell you this but it cannot be done. I know how you feel as I tried treatment after treatment and lived with acne for years. After a while it becomes very frustrating and depressing. No matter what you do you don’t get ahead at all. On top of that, many people can have lots of problems health wise but with acne it is right out there and the first thing people see of you is your face and you have acne.

It sounds like you not only are dealing with the acne itself but that you are having other parts of your skin being irritated by the different solutions you have been trying on your acne itself. So everything looks red, everything feels sore and then you also have the really sore bumps on top of everything else. The great news is that there are so many new things on the market to treat acne now than there were then.

Go to your doc. S/he should be able to prescribe a different type of antibiotic pill for you then the one that you had before – it sometimes can take several tries before you get one that works for you. Ask for a referral to a dermatologist. They know skin better than anyone. They will hopefully be able to help you with treatments for your acne that will work and relieve the irritation that is happening to the rest of your skin.

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