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Steven asks…

How can i get rid of acne overnight?

I have had clear skin all year but suddenly now my skin decides to break out. I have pimples all over my forehead, cheeks, and chin. What makes it worse is that prom is TOMORROW. Is there any way i can get rid of my pimples overnight? I have heard of toothpaste, honey, and aspirin, but im not sure which method is the most effective.

admin answers:

Many people want to know how to cure acne overnight. Is this really possible? Yes! But there is a catch – your acne condition must be very light. By the word “light” here, I mean your skin has very minimal number of zits and your acne does not cause severe swelling and redness. If your acne is not in this category, I am sorry to say there is no overnight acne cure for your condition. Check what you can do in just ONE day to get rid of your acne.

In the Morning drink at least 1-2 glasses of water. This will detoxify and flush those unwanted toxins out from your body. Wash your face with a suitable cleanser. After that you should use tea tree oil on your skin. Doing so will kill most of the bacteria that cause acne.

During The Afternoon and Evening your skin will feel extremely oily. Your sweat can cause the bacterias to infect your skin so make sure you wipe your skin regularly with a clean piece of towel or tissue. During the tea breaks you need to apply some tea tree oil on your skin.

In order to cure acne overnight, you have to make sure you take advantage of your night time. This is because your skin absorbs the active ingredients of beauty products more effortlessly than during the day. At night there are also no harmful UV rays that can slowly destroy your skin texture.

Now these powerful and effective tips will definitely help you clear up your acne and skin in just a few days time. But what if there is a better more miraculous system that can really help you get rid of acne quickly and more important permanently?

As someone who has gone through all the years of suffering I’m sure you will benefit a lot from this effective acne solution. Check it out: All the best on your way to a beautiful acne free body.

Chris asks…

How do I get rid of acne around my face?

I have small acne all over my face. Not big but little. I can’t stop picking at them. How do I stop this habit so I won’t get marks from that.
My other problem is how do I get rid of acne around my face? I tried clean and clear but it just stopped the oil around my face. I tried proactiv but I am allergic to something in it. Neutrogena I cannot buy because I am afraid I will get the same reaction with Proactiv Please help me?

admin answers:

Rub lemon juice on the scar/marks. This will lighten the colour. Apply the juice and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Wash off your face and then apply a sun block lotion.

2) Make a paste of sandalwood powder, black gram powder and rose water. Apply it on the area and I possible leave it overnight. Wash it with cold water the next morning. If you find that it makes you skin too dry then add some milk into it.

If these tips did not work for you, do not lose heart you can still try some other tips. Good Luck!

William asks…

Can you get rid of acne overnight or in a day?

I broke out a bit and it sucks. I use noxzema but it isn’t working.. Are there any HOME remedies thatll help? Does rubbing alchol work for acne or is that not reccommended? :( help please! I wanna get rid of this acne before the weekend..

admin answers:

Rubbing alcohol will burn your skin and make it worse. Theres no overnight remedy just rest and relax wash your face with cool water not warmm or hot that will contunue to irritate your skin. Try Proactive it worked within a week to two weeks for me and gave me perfect skin I had a really bad case of acne pimples and black heads now people say i have model skin….yeah i know their skin is airbrushed but the point is I have great skin now. The skin will get irritated first cos of a new product but its worth it. Home remedies are aloe juice but from a real aloe plant will soothe calm and moisturize the skin. Drink lots of water,…and no toothpaste does not work i tried that before proactive. Noxzema burns t he skin. You could steam your face also but dont do it over boiling water maybe buy a steamer or boil water in a pot let cool then get a towel put it over your head while your face is over the pot with the steam coming up.

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