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Robert asks…

What helps get rid of acne scars for dark multiracial skin tones?

I am biracial and I have relatively dark skin. I am trying to find products that will help me get rid of acne scars from when I was a teenager. Does anyone know of any products that actually work at reducing the appearance of scars?

admin answers:

Sweetie, mentioning you are multiracial was unnecessary because the same fade cream that will work on everybody eles, will work on you. Try Ambi Fade Cream. Or Palmers fade cream. If you DONT have oily skin, use cocoa butter RAW not the lotion. Exfoliate everyday.

Mary asks…

How to get rid of acne scars?

Once I got rid of my acne, I started to use mederma, but that increased my acne. Is there a non chemical way to get rid of acne scars efficiently?

admin answers:

The juice of basil or tulsi leaves heals the skin and acne scars. More home remedies available at

William asks…

what are some effective ways of getting rid of acne scars?

I do pop my pimples (I know its bad), so I get some scarring. What are some good methods to get rid of acne scarring?

admin answers:

You were right; popping IS bad!!!
Here’s an article on how to quickly get acne scars off ur face!! After that, I wrote a little thing on preventing pimples!IT wont let me put the whole article in, so I left the web address at the bottom

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars With Natural Treatments

Applying an oatmeal mask or Aloe Vera to the skin for the purpose of exfoliating dead & damaged skin cells is always a great idea. Oatmeal in particular has good properties as an exfoliating agent, while Aloe Vera is known for preventing scars in addition to being able to get rid of acne scars which are already visible. You could opt to use lemon juice, which helps to shed dead skin even faster. If those homemade acne scar remover treatments aren’t good enough, you can take it a step further and try putting thin slices of tomato on your face. The tomato has beneficial properties which are known to rejuvenate & repair damaged skin.

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars With Prescription Treatment

If natural home remedies aren’t the route you wish to go — or if you’ve already tried them and they failed to work — then you may want to visit a doctor or dermatologist to seek prescription acne treatment. There are several antimicrobial ointments and topical acne medicines available on the market today which come in different strengths and are created to treat specific types of acne scarring. Remember, effectively treating your acne scars greatly depends on what kind of results you’re looking for — fast & hassle free OR long, difficult, & completely natural. Be sure to speak with you’re doctor or dermatologist about the risks and rewards of using a prescription treatment for acne scaring

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars With Out-Patient Procedures

There are two main out-patient procedures that are commonly used for getting rid of scars left from acne; laser resurfacing and dermabrasion. Both acne treatments have been proven effective as a fast and harmless way of getting get rid of acne scars.

With laser resurfacing, a simple process takes place in which the skin is rubbed with “anesthetizing” creams & lotions. Once the area begins to numb, a laser is then used to remove the top layer of skin. This laser is always of the highest high quality and it focuses only on areas of the skin that are affected by acne scars. After the laser resurfacing treatment is complete, 1 to 2 weeks is required for proper healing. Once healing has finished, the patient will see a stunning drop in acne scar visibility.

Dermabrasion offers very similar results to laser resurfacing, but through quite a different procedure. In the case of dermabrasion, a metal brushing tool is used to scrape away the top layer of skin of the scarred area. Because there is more direct contact with this acne treatment, it takes at least 2 to 3 weeks to fully heal and see results. Dermabrasion and micro-dermabrasion are drastically cheaper than laser treatment for acne, which is definitely something to think about if you’re trying to get rid of acne scars without shelling out large chunks of cash.

So now that you know how to get rid of acne scars in a variety of different ways, what are you going to do? Will you try to use one of these treatments as fast as possible OR will you wait and try to learn a bit more about each of these acne scar treatments? Well whatever it is you decide to do about your acne scars, always remember that you have PLENTY of viable options to choose from.


I don’t really know how to fix scars (I could use the answer to that one, too! :P )
Buuuuuut, here are some solutions to pimples- yay!
First, my fav, is oatmeal! I use the Coaches Oats stuff, but it can be anything as long as it’s oatmeal and has no sugar in it!
You make it as if you were going to eat it, then let it cool off, you don’t want to burn your skin!
Ok, you just put it on and leave it on until it falls off, and then you put more on, for almost all day until night- and your pimples should have been incredibly improved!
If that doesn’t work try putting a tissue around a piece of ice and holding it up to a pimple for ten minutes every 4 hours- this works best on the forhead!
Also, you can mix apple cidar vinager with water (1/4 vinager, 3/4 water) then put it with a cotton ball on your pimples for 15 mins,every 2 hours, and that should help, for a severe case, put it on before you go to bed
you can mix salt and water (more salt than you think you’ll ned) then dip in a cotton ball and hold it onto you pimple for 30 mins, or leave it on while you sleep, and that’ll help!

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