Get Rid Of Acne Scars Fast

Donna asks…

How can I use aloe vera on my face to get rid of acne, scars, blackheads, and acne inflammation?

I recently read that the plant aloe vera works wonders on the skin to rid of acne, scars, blackheads, and inflammation. I was wondering if anyone knew anyways to use it effectively on the skin, make face masks, or any effective way on using it to get rid of the red skin (acne inflammation), blackheads, scars, and my acne? Also, is there any way i can use it to help me lose weight?

admin answers:

Hi there.good that ur going for a natural way to cure ur acne n other skin conditions.there r so many videos on youtube on how to use aloe vera for ur skin.u can learn in detail how to extract the aloe vera gel fro the plant, how to store and how to apply it on ur skin from those videos.
Aloe vera really works for acne,i personally used it. Most effective way is to get the gel from the plant and apply it directly on ur skin.also use a good quality moisturiser for ur skin.experiment with the various moisturiser which are available for u,and use one which will not further break out ur skin.moisturiser helps in getting rid of acne faster.
Hope u get will soon.
All the best.

Donald asks…

Do you know any good ways to get rid of acne/acne scars?

I am having some acne problems and I will try anything to get rid of it. Plus I would also like to have some help with getting rid of acne scars. Thank you!

admin answers:

When you pair a face wash or scrub with spot treatment, the results are better and work faster. I recommend Clearasil or Clinique (Clinique is kinda high end so it’s a little expensive). For acne scars, you can use a dark spot treatment that you can find in your everyday drug store, bleaching cream works too.

Chris asks…

HELP how do you get rid of acne scars?

I really need help with trying to get rid of these 2 acne scars I have under both of my eyes (I look ridiculous) I’ve tried lemon juice a million of times, it helped somewhat but it doesn’t work anymore :/

Are there any other ways to get rid of them? I need them to disappear fast D:
Oh and my face is very sensitive to a lot of things, I can’t even use acne products that’ll help pimples disappear, they only cause more acne for me.

Home remedies seem to be the best way.

admin answers:

Ask your doctor for the best medications on it

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