Get Rid Of Acne Scars Fast

Sandy asks…

How can I get rid of acne scars?

I’m 17 years old and I have a lot of acne scars! I absolutely hate them and my scars are the reason I hate my skin. I am self conscious because of them and feel the need to wear makeup all the time because of them. I would feel a lot more confident and better about myself if I could reduce and/or get rid of my acne scars. If anyone has any helpful tips or experience, please let me know! I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

admin answers:

Palmer coco butter is amazing from this! Works fast, does an great job and smells nice. Leave skin soft and even colored after a few months.
People may suggest bio-oil, but its horrible oil stuff! Causes spots and greasy skin. Steer clear of the stuff!

David asks…

Is there a way to get rid of acne scars fast?

I get acne scars alot and they always go away but it takes up to 2 weeks, is there something I can do to make them go away faster?

admin answers:

Use Fade cream you find at Walmart for $5 to $8 bucks this
fade the acne scars fast I suggest Ambi fade cream, dermisa and Ponds clarant b3.

Also you can apply concealer to cover it Hard candy glamoflauge concealer full coverage
concealer is cheap too $6.

Lisa asks…

How do I get rid of acne scars?

I have some acne scars on my cheek a little, and if I cover them with makeup it’s fine. But I want to stop wearing foundation to be more natural.
Is there any cheap/natural ways to get rid of acne scars that actually work? And work as fast as possible?
Thanks! :]

admin answers:

First, I understand where you’re coming from. I grew up with really bad acne, not only on my face but on my body as well. It was embarrassing and I tried everything including cleansers, creams, prescription medications, antibiotics, over the counter medications, and even shots from the dermatologist (ouch!) to get rid of it. I never did until many years later when it didn’t matter as much.

Here’s what I found out after lots of research and trial and error, the hard way.

It’s not a topical issue, it doesn’t help much to treat it from the outside, it’s an inside job. When you treat it from the outside it’s like treating the symptoms, not the cause. You’ll hear from many people that’s not the case, and it’s usually because they want you to buy their creams or lotions, and keep buying them month after month after month (or they haven’t experienced the truth). Of course, when you stop using it (as you’ve experienced) your blemishes come back… Because you’re not treating the cause. And the costs for all of these routines/drugs add up month after month.

If you think about it logically, it makes sense. Why do we get rashes, breakouts, or other skin irritations? It’s usually because of something we ate, something that wasn’t meant to be put on our skin, something that caused us stress and our body reacts to all those things.

Bottom line is that most every cause of acne is related to what you eat, how you feel and how you take care of yourself. Your skin is a reflection of what’s on the inside. We have lots of toxins building up in our systems and they have to be cleaned out on the inside and that will reflect on the outside. The blemishes, rashes, acne, etc are indications that your body is reacting to what you’re eating, to stress, toxins, chemicals, hormones… Literally a great number of things.

Basically what I did in a nutshell was clean out my system by taking out the processed and junk foods, and added as much fresh fruits and vegetables to my diet as possible. This part is key. I also started drinking a lot of water daily, starting with 3 or 4 glasses when I wake up (adding a squeeze of fresh lemon at times). I also got more active every day, walking, running, sports, jumping, whatever, just getting active. It not only gave me more energy, it help flush out the toxins that were clogging up my system.

I followed the regimen in these two books I found:


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