Get Rid Of Acne Scars Naturally

Charles asks…

How can I get rid of dark acne scars naturally?

I have a few slightly dark acne scars. Their small and the one thats really bothering me above my lip. Makeup doesn’t really cover it, and it hasn’t went away on its own.


admin answers:


I use lemon juice and that seems to work well for me. I’ve also heard that you can use tomato’s as well. There are few great home remedy tips on this website:

Good Luck :)


William asks…

How to naturally get rid of acne scars?

I have TONS of acne scars and I can NOT get rid of them if my life depended on it :( I wash my face twice a day and rinse it with cold water & apply moisturizer right after. My face is naturally oily in my T zone area{forehead & nose area}. I’ve heard lemon juice & olive oil are good {separately} for acne scars. Does olive oil clog pores since its an oil? Does anyone else know anything that will help acne scars naturally?

admin answers:

That’s really good that you wash your skin twice a day. I do the same, and if you have oily skin try using a oil free moisturizer. Cvs has a really good one that is oil free and also helps acne. I have oily skin too, I know the problem :( Lemon and olive oil are actually really good. I do know some good remedies! 1: is grabbing a lemon and massage it trough your skin, it would help you a lot. It will lighten your scars. 2: Ice massage will help too. 3: Rubbing tomato on your face will HELP IT ALOT , it will light those scars away. 6:Honey for 15 minutes then remove with warm water. 7:Eggs white use as a mask will help reduce the appearance of any scarring..
Hope this helped !

Linda asks…

How can I get rid of acne scars naturally?

I use to have really bad acne on my forehead and I use to always have the urge to pop them and now I’m facing the consequences of that.Now I’m left with all these dark spots on my forehead and it’s really killing my self confidence. Does anyone know of any natural ways to clear up acne scars?

admin answers:

I really don’t know but I heard that laser helps.

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