Teen Acne: Acne In Teens – The Do’s and Don’ts!

Article by Cindy British

Acne in teens is extremely common. It always seems in the start of adolescence and can be very distressing for teens.

Once the body starts creating the body’s hormones, the small sebaceous glands referred to as skin oil glands at the bottom from the hair follicle become over-active. This excess oil mix using the normal losing of the dead skin cells make the pores being clogged. The oil and bacteria trapped inside a pore is the start of a pimple. It always takes about two days for any pimple to come to light and that’s why you are able to frequently ‘feel’ them before you decide to discover their whereabouts.

You will find many misconceptions and myths connected with the introduction of acne in teens – unhealthy foods, poor hygiene as well as masturbation! Absolutely none of those

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