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Michael asks…

Guaranteed way to get rid of acne scars?

I know nothing is guaranteed but does anyone know of a really good treatment for acne scars? Something you have used that worked? It could be something I could get in the store or something I can make at home. Also how long does it take to start working?


My acne type is teen. I am a 17 yr old girl.

admin answers:

Time heals all wounds just keep your face clean and don’t pick them you will grow out of it.

Mark asks…

What are some good HOME remedies for acne?

My skin is breaking out, and I’m wondering what are some good home treatments for acne. Stuff that I can find around the house, not that I’d have to go out and buy.

admin answers:


Pure lemon juice and grapefruit juice should be able to help. Just dab some on entire face and let sit over night. If you have any Tea Tree Oil, that works pretty well. If you have redness you can try 2% milk, hydrocortisone cream, or an egg white facial mask- For this, separate an egg white from the yolk in a cup, and apply the white over entire face and rinse off whenever you want, usually from 10mins-1 hour is what I would do though. Apple Cider Vinegar may also work. If you have very sensitive or dry skin, I wouldn’t recommend using anything that may be to harsh, such as the fruit juices or vinegar. The egg mask seems to work pretty well, and you can definitely feel your skin tightening, and I noticed some redness disappear.

I’ve heard lots of crazy remedies and skin potions, I’ve tryed all of the things above but It just depends which works best for you. Also, make sure you are switching skin products occasionally, Like if one to were run out, when you buy more I suggest not getting the exact same thing, for your skin and acne becomes acquainted to it, and will be less effective. Some good brands I recommend are: Neutrogena, St. Ives, and biore. If you have blackheads I suggest getting this “pore unclogging scrub”…

Always remember, just because a product is more expensive doesn’t mean it will work better. It just has more expensive ingredients. -I learned that the hard way.- Hope I helped.

Joseph asks…

Does the oatmeal for acne treatment really work?

I was looking up home treatment for acne and there was this oatmeal treatment i read about:

I have everything i need, i just want to make sure it works before i try it.

Experience maybe?

admin answers:

Its different ppl. I suggest you try it on a small part of ur skin first and if it works well then us as a treatment for the entire face :)

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