Treatments For Acne

Sharon asks…

What are some methods of getting rid of a pimple without medicine-type stuff?

I got a difficult pimple yesterday on my forehead. My sister tells me it’s from stress and whatnot. I do not have proactive or other kinds of professional treatment since acne doesn’t run in my family so it’s usually pointless to have medicine for it. Any suggestions, please?

admin answers:

Your not the only one that gets pimples and zits. I get them all the time cuz I had some on face like weeks ago and instead of using Proactive or Neutrogena or Clean n Clear I tried something else. I tried using Clean n Clear but it didn’t work for me. So then my sister told me to put some vaseline on and it actually worked! I recommend that you put some toothpaste paste on, or alchohol, or vaseline. Trust me if you put some vaseline on then it will work because when I did it, it worked for me and cured my pimples and zits on my face. Vaseline pretroleum jelly works because it keeps bacteria from going into your skin.

Maria asks…

Anyone have an experience with Spironolactone for the treatment of acne?

I’m a women, and have always struggled with hormonal acne, and I learned about Spironolactone for a treatment of hormonal acne by doing some research online. I was wondering if anyone has had been put on Spironolactone by a doctor/dermatologist, and how it worked for you. Also, what steps did you have to take, if any, like blood tests or such?

Thanks for any of your guy’s help!

admin answers:

Im taking spironolactone for hormonal acne, I just started so I haven’t seen the results yet but there’s a lot of good reviews on, check it out!!

Daniel asks…

How was your experience with acne? how did you got rid of it?

i am suffering from acne for around past 2 years. i’m 19. i’m taking treatment. acne disappears and reappears again and again.
my doc. prescribed me
1. tretinoin cream u.s.p. 0.025%
2. isotretinoin capsules USP 20 mg
how you got rid of them? what your doc. prescribed to you?
how was your experience? thnx

admin answers:

Stay away from alcohol and caffeine especially sodas .if you must drink a soft drink have a clear soda llike sprite,gingerale ,etc .This was told to me by my Dermatologist. Also if you notice you breakout after certain food avoid it, mine is fish ,chocatate

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