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John asks…

What is a good natural treatment for acne?

I am 17 years old and I have acne. I am looking for some natural prevention methods of acne. No creams or anything. I heard that eating cashews helps prevent acne. Are there any other foods I should eat or other natural methods of prevention?

admin answers:

Okay apparently people are missing your keyword “natural”. One method that has always worked for me is apple cider vinegar. I use it as a toner and I also make two beverages a day with it. That really helps keep my skin clean and clear. After about a month it gives your skin a really nice complexion. Here is a article with the recipe and more info.

James asks…

How do I help moisturize my skin and control redness under treatment?

I’m undergoing treatment for my acne by my doctor. I have to do 3 different things and one of them is to use Clindamycin Phosphate pledgets twice a day on my face. But as the side effects say, my face is very dry and red. I want to find a product that might help with the dryness and redness of my skin during this treatment. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

You can moisturize with any noncomedogenic (look for it on the label) moisturizer. If the Clindamycin is causing the irritation, ask for the lotion form as it is not as drying as the pledgets. You may be using other irritating medications such as benzoyl peroxide and a retinoid (differin, tazorac, atralin, retin a, tretinoin and so on) which may also be causing problems. Even if they are changing to the lotion may help the situation overall.

Laura asks…

What are the best treatments for acne scarring?

I am interested in anything from chemical peels to laser treatments. I am just tired of my skin and want to do something that works.

admin answers:


Before going to the extreme with chemical peels and laser treatments, there are some very helpful and very inexpensive tips on reducing the look of the scars.

I found that this website has great tips and different things you can do to help with the acne scarring.



I hope this helps you out, I actually do use the lemon juice about twice a week and it has help out the look of my face.

Good Luck :)


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