Treatments For Acne

Sandra asks…

What is the most effective treatment for Acne?

Different drugs are available for Acne. What should be the order in which one should apply those? Could you give any algorithm?

admin answers:

Do not use any commercial face creams and hair shampoos.
Wash ur face daily with acne-guard gel or soap.and try not to apply anything on your face.
In case of pimples,use “acnesol” gel during daytime and “persol ac 5″ in night.

James asks…

does laser treatment for acne really help? what are the effects? is it worth it? What is your advice to me? :) ?

I am a 21 year old who has been suffering with acne for a long time. I tried everything possible from seeing a dermatologist, trying things over the counter and a lot of research online. Ive come to a conclusion that I would maybe want to do a laser treatment for acne. Is there anyone who has been through the same problem as I have and did the laser treatment. If so what is your advice to me? How does it work? Did it really help? Is it worth it?

admin answers:

I don’t know if this helps, but my did the same thing. She still gets the occasional pimple or two every so often, but it was a lot better then it used to be.

Ken asks…

How do I get rid of multiple white heads?

I went to an esthetician once with my friend and tried out microdermabrasion as recommended (due to mild acne). After the treatment my acne got worse. I also got A LOT of white heads all over my face, felt grainy and liek gravel. I tried benzoyl peroxide, which did reduce the inflammed one but didn’t have any effect on my whiteheads… what should i do?

admin answers:

Aside from the oil controlling products, I’d say you should try a mask. I have a Queen Helene Mint Julep mask which shrinks pores and dries up acne. It certainly stings a little when you first apply it then after it hardens, your face is super tight. I’m sure there are a million different masks out there but this one is cheap and effective. Moisturize afterwards as you don’t want to over dry your face!

No treatment I’ve ever tried (and trust me I’ve tried many) has EVER cleared my acne overnight. It took at least a couple of days. I feel like microdermabrasion is great but if you don’t feel the same you should seek out other treatments. I had moderate acne and the first step is diagnosing your skin. I have oily skin and was not using oil control products but now they have changed my life! You need to formulate your routine around your skin type.

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