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Sharon asks…

What is good makeup and treatments for acne skin?besides proactiv.(it did not work for me)?

What is good makeup and treatments for acne skin?besides proactiv.(it did not work for me)something that can remove my pimples but not dry my skin like proactiv did and stop working after 2 months like proactiv.

admin answers:

Take about four aspirin and dissolve them in a few drops of water.. Add in a squirt of honey and make it into a paste.. You can also add in a few vitamin e capsules if ya like.. This can be used as a scrub, mask if left on for ten minutes, and a spot treatment left on over night.. It works like pro active.. I’ve used both and got the same result with each which is clear skin.. Pro active dried my skin out too, but aspirin didn’t.. It’s a lot cheaper also..

Oh.. And pro active contains benzoil peroxide.. Whereas aspirin contains salicylic acid ..

Honey alone as a mask works very well also.. Leave it on for twenty minutes..

Another thing i do as an exfoliate is i scrub my face with an electric toothbrush.. It’s sounds kinda weird but it works.. It really cleans out your pores and removes dead skin, oil and dirt.. You can use any scrub ya like or the aspirin i mentioned.. I like to use st. Ives.. And i do it about three times a week..

Only wash your face when you wake up in the morning, before you go to bed, and after exercise.. Excess washing makes your face produce extra oil..

Warm water opens pores and cold closes them.. So wash with warm and rinse with cold..

And watch the make up you use.. A mineral make up is much better for your skin.. It doesn’t clog your pores or cause break outs.. I recommend bare minerals..

And get a good toner and moisturizer.. I use the garnier nutritioniste moisturizer.. And lemon juice is a good toner..

Drink lots of water.. Eat healthy.. And take vitamin e, vitamin c, zinc and b vitamins..

Hope this helps..

Charles asks…

How Long Does It Take For the “Treatment of Acne” Through Birth Control To Take Effect?

I am on low-dose Yaz and have been taking it for exactly a week today.
If you have taken Yaz, how long does it take for the “treatment of acne” to take place, through your experience?
Plus, just birth control in general, how long does it take for you to be safe to have sex without condoms, spermicides, etc.?

Thank You!

admin answers:

Here’s an article on birth control for acne treatment: – hope it helps!

Oral contraceptives are not used as a first line of defense against acne. They are often prescribed after other treatment options have been tried, or if a woman needs a form of birth control anyway. For best results, oral contraceptives are used in conjunction with other acne treatments, such as topical retinoids, or benzoyl peroxide.

When started within 6 days of the start of a period, The Pill is effective immediately. If the Pill is started at other times, it will be effective after one month.

Bear in mind, the pill only keeps you safe from pregnancy, not STDs!

Lizzie asks…

What are some of the natural yet effective ways to remove acne scars ?

I am looking for some natural treatments for acne. My friends are going for chemical peels and laser resurfacing. But I dont want to take these treatments.

admin answers:

The most effective natural remedy for acne scars is application of Lemon juice on the area.

However I must add that the reason most people go for medical help is because these procedures yield much better results

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