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Mark asks…

What are the side effects laser treatment for removal of acne scars?

I have been advised to go for laser treatment for acne scars. I am 25 year old. I am scared of the side effects. I am also curious to know whether It will cause loss of natural glow of my skin. My dermatologist says nothing to worry. But I want to make up my mind for the same. I request someone who has undergone laser treatment for acne scar removal to share their experience about the same. Please answer me in detail and address the issues like side effects, natural glow of skin etc etc.
Skin specialists and dermatologists are also requested to answer.

admin answers:

Depends on which laser is being used. Usually the short term side effects are redness and some pain. If you are dark skinned then you might also get post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (some darkening at the treated area) but it’ll go away in a month or two. Lasers will probably improve your skin texture and make it smoother. I would suggest trusting your doctor but do put forward your queries and apprehensions to him.

Charles asks…

is birth control for treatment of acne only effective for people who are known to have hormone-related acne?

as in when Aunt Flow visits, they know they’re going to breakout. This person is most likely to get positive results after being put on birth control.

As opposed to someone who doesn’t experience changes in acne depending on where they are on their it’s likely that birth control won’t be an effective treatment for acne.

Or is checking for acne on and off the period not a very good assessment whether birth control would be effective?

admin answers:

Hormonal birth control can only help with acne if it is in fact hormonal acne.

Maria asks…

What are good ways for treating acne?

I’ve used proactiv, skinID, and many other treatments. My acne just keeps coming back, and it’s really bad. I’m using skinID right now and its not even working well. My skin’s rather untoned and I break out a lot. I’ve used witch hazel also to tone my skin and it kind of sucks. Any acne treatments I should buy that you recommend, treatments that make my skin look healthier and more radiant, or just tips on how to prevent acne from spreading and getting worse? I use foundation on a daily basis.

admin answers:

The first step to conquer your acne is by means of trying natural acne solutions. Include the following in your considerations:

1. Supplements and Vitamins. Food supplements and some forms of vitamins are useful for treating acne and to your overall body health.
2. Proper Diet. This is helpful in eradicating sugar that develops fats which are concealed by your sebaceous glands.
3. Herbal Treatment. Herbs are the most common ingredients used in acne treatment products that are commercially sold.

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