Treatments For Acne

George asks…

What is the best treatment for acne ?

I want to know about traditional treatment for acne in each country.Please let me know your recommendation.

admin answers:

The “best” treatment depends on each person. Across the board, for everyone, the best things you can do are drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, do not wash your face too often (no more than twice a day) or too vigorously, plenty of rest…
Non-medicated means are toothpaste (make sure it is plain, white toothpaste – dot it on at night, wash off in the morning) egg whites will help with oily skin. Chocolate, greasy foods, all those types of things DO NOT cause acne. It is hormonal and depends almost solely on your genetic make up.

Sandra asks…

What is the best way to fix uneven skin tone?

Which is the anti aging skin care product to remove uneven skin tone?
which must be effective on fine lines of your face,shrink pores, scar healing,large pores treatment,acne rosacea treatment.My one of friend has suggested me the best skin products in the market which is

Please help me to find out best skin care product among all.

admin answers:

I know olay is a good skin care product but idk if it is good for scars. Ur other site is too expensive and I know it is important to invest in skin but that is just way too much!!
Have u heard of BRTC? I hear it is really good and I plan on trying it myself. The bb cream, if u r light skinned, will heal and cover ur spots. If u are darker then take some makeup that is a few shades darker than u and mix with the bb cream for the day when u go out. For night use a hydrating moisturizer of ur choice that won’t make u break out. God bless.

Michael asks…

Any idea when acne treatment will start to work?

OK, so my dermatologist put me on this treatment for acne, and I’ve been using it for 4 days and so far I don’t see too much of a difference. He prescribed me:
Doxycycline- which I take with breakfast in the morning
Benzaclin- which I put on in the morning
Differin- Which I put on before bed.
Any idea when I’ll start to see a difference?

admin answers:

I use both benzaclin and differen only I put the benzaclin on at night and differen on during the day which works MUCH better because benzaclin tends to dry your face out and is terrible in the sunlight because you tend to burn. Actually it will take between 2 and 4 weeks before you notice a difference. And it is totally worth it!!! Don’t give up on it too soon because it works like a dream (at least for me) It will make your face worse for about a week but this is because it is cleaning out your pours. I hope I helped and good luck!

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