Treatments For Acne

Mark asks…

How do you use Benzoyl Peroxide to treat acne?

Do you use the benzoyl peroxide gel for spot treatment of acne? Or do you mix a little bit of the gel, with moisturiser and apply it to the entire face? Please suggest any good regime for treating acne with benzoyl peroxide gel…! Best answer gets 10 points. Promise!

admin answers:

Wash your face 4-6 times daily with water & wipe gently with towel. Do not squeeze pimple or acne ,this act leaves dark spot or scars on your face. Minimise the consumption of Coffee or Tea . Junk food & fast foods be stopped , much spicy or deep fried & preparations having much oil should not be taken for 1 month. If habitual to non veg please stop it also for 1 month.
Green vegetables specially leafy , seasonal fruits , Curd in lunch & Milk after dinner be added to your diet. Papaya & Guava be taken after lunch daily for 1 month.
MAIDA made preparations , butter, Bread should not be taken.
Apply Honey over your acne or pimples daily for 1 hour & wash your face for 1 month. NUT MEG be rubbed over stone by using raw milk ( Unboiled) to make its paste also add Holy Basil leaves juice 5 ml to it. Apply this paste over acne / pimples at bed time & wash in morning with water. Do not squeeze pimples it leaves dark spots over face.
If you observe my suggestions regularly you will get rid after 15 days but continue till 1 month.

Robert asks…

Health shop products for the treatment of acne?

Anybody know if there are any products you can buy in health shops, say Holland & Barrett, for the treatment of acne?

I’ve tried everything at this stage, took antibiotics prescribed by a dermatologist for the past year but was taken off them a few months ago and now my skin is terrible again :(

Thought I might try the health shop route!

admin answers:

Please buy an aloe vera plant. This works amazingly. Try ‘blood cleansing’ products like liquid chlorophyll (this will cure your acne, please try it, it also takes bad breath and body odour away too) or teas like dandelion tea, burdock, and yarrow.

Helen asks…

How to get rid of redness from laser acne treatment?

I had laser treatment for acne scars about a year ago on my checks, forehead and nose.

There is still some redness remaining, even thought it’s been nearly a year. It’s not very noticable, but I can see it, and it annoys me.

Can anyone suggest ways to get rid of it? Should I get my face really sunburned? It’s mainly on my cheeks.

Thank you!

admin answers:

I found this answer:

Or try a Chemical Peel.

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