Treatments For Acne

John asks…

For those who went through facial treatment at New York Skin Solution, how expensive is one treatment package?

What does a course of facial treatment (acne+pimple) costs at New York Skin Solution? The ad is very strong now, I’m tempted.

admin answers:

I use a paraben free product. Avon is not. Read the fine print and go to a cancer site and research parabens. You will throw any product with them in the trash.

Ken asks…

Does Continuously Clear Dry-Lo Spot Treatment Acne Medication actually work?

I heard great reviews on it and I’m tempted to try it out. Any reviews?

Oh and any other good products from this line for acne, blemishes, and scars? Thanks!

admin answers:

My aunts work at Ulta and constantly give my sister free stuff to try. Luckily this little product was among the goodies. It looked small, weird, and definitely interesting. There’s this thick pink substance on the bottom and a slightly goey clear substance on top. You basically stick a q-tip (and DON’T shake the jar to mix the liquids. If u do on accident just wait until it settles), but take the q-tip and dip it through the clear substance on top until you poke the bottom of the container, pull up and you’ll have the pink substance on the q-tip. All you do is DOT the acne dot on your face… And the next day if it isn’t 100% completely gone, it is 99% Wayyyyy better than the night before.

The first time I tried it, I stole it from my sister lol. It was like my highschool miracle product I honestly recommend it 100%. I don’t know how good it is for your skin to be putting sulfur on it regularly and the bottle isn’t exactly big, (in fact it’s VERY small and VERY expensive [$20+]) so if you have a moderate to a good amount of acne… I would just try a good skin care 3 step system. But if you get that one zit every few days that just pisses you off, then USE THIS. It’s saved me on several occasions.

Hope I helped.


William asks…

Where can I get Retinol Renewal complex, or Retinol acne treatment besides prescribed by doctors?

Can you get Retinol treatment for acne in stores?
Does anybody know where to get some besides prescribed by dermotologist?

admin answers:

Its an ingredient in ati-anging wrinkle removing creams which u don’t need a prescription for.

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