Treatments For Acne Marks

Helen asks…

How to get rid of those red marks from previous acne breakouts?

Alright I’m 17, and back when I used to have bad acne I would pick at it, and I’m left with loads of red marks from my acne… But really I haven’t had a bad breakout in the longest time.. I went to my dermatologist and I’m on clyndamiacin (or something like that), an anti-biotic pill and then I use retin-A at night. I’ve been on these for almost 3 weeks and they work for my acne and skin but I STILLLLL have those red acne marks. I don’t want to have to wait years for them to go away but I also don’t want to do anything that will harm my skin to get rid of them. Any home treatments that will help get rid of those red marks? I tried lemon and it hurts really bad and feels like it makes my face worse because it burns so bad.

admin answers:

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Donald asks…

How well microdermabrasion work for acne ?

Like a few pimples some.blavkheads and lots of acne marks/scars. How well is it ? I know it helps acne I just want to kbow how well what are results of first treatment

admin answers:

Microdermabrasion can help with mild acne because it goes deep into your pores to help unclog and get all the dirt and dead skin cells out. Most professionals will often suggest pairing microdermabrasion with other treatments such as fraxel laser, IPL, or Blue Light Therapy to name a few. Some people have found success using prescriptions such as Retin-A but using it can cause skin irritation plus you have to stay out of the sun which is not fun in the summer!


Sharon asks…

Which product should i use to wash my face?

I have acne prone skin. This is my face rountine morning and night. A cleanser with 2% salcyid acid, benzyol perxoide spot treatment, then moristurizer. I brought a toner with 2% salcyid acid that is supposed to help fade acne marks. I want to use this just at night, but should i still use the spot treatment at night Or just use the spot treatment during the day? Please help thanks.

admin answers:

We have the same problem but fortunately it’s starting to fade away. I use tea tree exfoliating facial wash morning and night and it has salicylic acid too. I don’t use toner nor cream in the morning only at night because I don’t feel comfortable if I put it during morning. So I think it depends on you. But I think it’ll be more effective if you put it on both morning and night. :)

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