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Sandra asks…

How can I get rid of acne marks/scars?

I have lots of small post-acne marks on my forehead, cheeks and chin. I hate them. I cover them with makeup usually but when I dont feel like wearing makeup they show badly. Is there some ways of fading/removing them without expensive peels/masks? please help!

admin answers:

Yes there are and you don’t have to resort to expensive OTC(over the counter) and homecure stuff which don’t work or make it worse. Some recommend them and they havn’t even tried them! And you don’t need chemical peeling.
This is a simple, natural, small cost way to rid you of the problem. It’s an answer that I gave about 3 or 4 days ago to someone with scars and he responded that treatment is already working. (see my profile – BEST ANSWER for question about vitamin E capsules)

Yes, capsules will work but you have to APPLY CAPSULE CONTENTS DIRECTLY TO THE SCAR. I know for a fact that when someone has face surgery or a face lift the doctor tells patient to do precisely this to hasten healing and minimize scarring. But if you want to regain a totally blemish free healthy skin the best way is using an organic oil, or any natural oil. Massage face with it using quite a strong, vigorous motion – that part is important for treatment to work – once a day (best at night as will make face flushed). You will find you can make it more vigorous as you progress. Skin is always renewing, the vigorous massaging hastens a spot and scar free new skin to emerge overtime. Initially, the skin has to adjust and if soreness or other reactions happen – the skin might expel poisons that need to be expelled – then stop and resume when you can. You have to find the pace that works for you – it’s different for every person. Stick with it & in a week or so you will see an improvement and overtime you will have a completely scar and blemish free, healthy vibrant skin. Permanently rids skin of pimples and all other kinds of skin problems(even oily skin). You will not need any other treatment ever again.

Over 20 years research into natural treatments of

Michael asks…

How can I get rid of my acne scars/lighten up skin discolouration?

I have a lot of post-acne scars on my cheeks. They’re very faded as they were spots from ages ago, however, they create a darker shadow in that area. I also have acne scars from present acne, but not a lot. My main concern is that post-acne marks that create a shadow. Is there any way to get rid of this skin discolouration? I’ve heard lemon helps, but I’m not sure. I’ve tried a lot of things on the market from Clinique to Estee Lauder to the Body Shop. They helped a little but not a lot! Please let me know if there is anything I can do.
Thanks in advance! :) :):):)

admin answers:

Hello there,

May I clarify what type of scars do you have. I noted about the post pigmentation (PIH) but the darker shadow area could signify a depressed scars or in other words an indentation.

PIH scars are easy to treat. Given ample time(6months to a year) they will resolve on their own too. However you have to make sure that your acne is under control with the regular 1- a few spots per month. Otherwise the whole cycle of PIH repeats and increases.

So what are some ways to lighten these scars? Have you heard of AHA products. They are basically fruit acids (glycolic acid) chemically extracted. It possess the same mechanism as what you’ve mentioned- lemon. The acid is used as an exfoliant that gently peels off the epidermis (first layer) of your skin. Over time with the peeling, the PIH scars are lighten. The added benefit, it gets rid of dead skin cell that is the root cause of acne.

Many products these days contain AHA; be it in facial washes, toners or spot treatment. Go to your local pharmacist and ask if there are many products that contain AHA as the active ingredient. Just make sure that the percentage is not above 10% and take it easy. Use it once every 3 days to allow your skin to build the necessary resistance. Or else you suffer from side effects such as redness, excessive peeling and dryness. Also do remember to use a sunscreen while on this treatment. AHA makes your skin more sensitive (think of it as the first layer of the skin is shedding and you are vulnerable to the sun rays leads to sunburn easily). Protective clothing such as hats, sunglasses and scarfs are extremely useful too.

Give yourself some time to see an improvement.

Good luck!

Best regards.

Maria asks…

What causes tiny black spots at the back of the body?

I have few at the back of my body . Just wondering what the causes because it can look pretty hideous sometimes especially if i wear bareback white dresses . Its not an acne marks . Just spots , no itchiness and all . And i dont think its freckles too because i dont do sun bathing and i have never exposed the back of my body directly under the sunlight . I live in a Tropical country by the way .

admin answers:

When speaking about back acne in particular, there is a particular form of acne called “acne mechanica”—a fancy name for acne which is caused by irritation of the skin. Anything that repeatedly rubs against the skin, such as backpacks, rough massages, tight fitting clothing, weight lifting machines which press on the shoulder area, or anything else that rubs the back area and irritates the skin can aggravate acne in that area. Acne mechanica tends to be aggravated by moisture, so if you’re sweaty and combine that with the repeated rubbing that comes with your backpack, clothing, etc., that could make the problem worse. By simply existing as a human being, your back is going to be in contact with chairs, clothing, beds, and other people’s touch so no one will be able to remove all irritation of the skin of the back. Still, there are some simple ways you can help the situation.

Some things you might want to consider”

Avoiding irritation Try wearing breathable cotton clothing more often.
Try carrying your belongings in something other than your backpack while treating your back acne. Once you’re clear, you can try using your backpack again. If you stay clear, great. If not, perhaps a backpack isn’t the best option for you.
Generally try to be aware of anything that irritates the skin of your back and make accomodations if you can.
Try to time any daily treatment of your acne so that you can shower and treat your skin after a sweaty workout.

And check here for information about back acne.


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