Treatments For Acne Marks

Sandy asks…

Skin disscoloration: what products are good to use on the face?

I’m having problems with acne marks on my skin, I tried a numerous amount of products but nothing seems to work.

admin answers:

This is a simple, safe cure that has given fast remarkable results for scars and blackhead marks. Use any natural oil (lavender oil is best for acne prone/oily skin as is used in curing acne/oily skin). You rub them over and over many times. Best to do for 10 min several times a day.for fastest results. They will start to fade in a couple of days. Depending on how long you have rubbed them, in a week or so they will have faded much more or will have gone. You will be amazed at it´s effectiveness.
Many have benefited from treatment – you will find them in my many Best Answers with reports from users.
SOURCE(S): 20+ years research, experimentation using safe, natural treatments to cure many skin conditions.

Helen asks…

What should i use for my serious acne problem?

So I have a tendancy of breaking out a lot when I am stressed and with school and finals around the corner my stress level is high., During the summers my face seems to clear up and my acne isn’t a big issue. I get breakouts my face gets red, and it get dry very easily with every product i use, I have tried proactive, clean and clear, clearisil, neutrogena, organic natural face washes, and other products seen on tv that are suppose to give results. The product that my doctor recommended is more than $100 dollars and i cant afford that right now? Has anyone tried an economic product that has gave them results to treat acne similar to my acne problem. My face doesn’t seem to clear up because if I am not stressing about school I am stressing about how my face looks. It makes me so insecure of myself, I feel like I have to turn away when people talk to me so they won’t be staring at my face and i feel I have to put on more make-up to cover the acne marks and discoloration and I hate it because I don’t want make-up to be my mask I like it as a way to enhance my natural beauty not hide and cover it & make it look unnatural. Please helpppppp me!!!

admin answers:

Try and change your diet and exercise a lot. Also by drinking a lot of water, it helps keep your skin hydrated and it helps you poop (Which really does helps clear your skin) Eating lots of fruit and veggies gives you tons of nutrients that help replenish your skin cells and keep them healthy and radiant. It won’t clear your acne up completely but it will help.

Another thing you can try is jojoba oil. It will help keep your skin soft and help with your dry problem while fighting acne. I use the Trader Joes brand. Be sure to put it on at night though.

If your acne doesn’t get better, the dermatologist may be the only one who could help and you may have to take that treatment because bad acne is usually genetic and can only be treated with doctor’s medications. My sister took the acne medicine acutane (i think that’s what its called) and her acne cleared up, but it wasn’t instant. There are also risks that your doctor will tell you about if you decide to take it. Your dermatologist knows best about what to prescribe you

I included a website about jojoba oil but you can google it yourself and find out more
Another website is from mama nature (a organic skin care line) and its product “teenage dream” i heard works very well for acne.

Good luck!!!

Donald asks…

How to get rid of black marks after popped pimple?

a few minutes ago i popped a pimple on my nose,now im afraid its going to turn into a black ugly mark on my there any special cream i can use to prevent this from happening,,,will Neutrogena’s Acne Mark Fading Peel work.

admin answers:

Are you a dark complected individual? In darker skin tones skin is more sensitive to trauma and resulting hyperpigmentation can occur. I don’t think there is a good way to prevent this other than making sure that you don’t traumatize the skin. There are treatments for hyperpigmentation if it does occur such as retinoids, skin bleaching therapies, pulse light treatments and other treatments. See a local dermatologist if hyperpigmentation does occur.

Good luck

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