Treatments For Acne Marks

Steven asks…

How long does it take for Glycolic Treatment to work on acne scars?

Hi, I just began Glycolic treatment with my dermatologist and was wondering how long it will take for the glycolic treatment to begin working n when the acne marks will go away. I have only been to 2 sessions n i haven’t seen a difference. Can somebody give me an idea?

admin answers:

See your dermotologist

Chris asks…

I have gotten so many dark spots/ acne marks. How can I make them go away fast and how can i prevent them?

I have gotten dark spots/ acne marks. I really want to make them go away fast. I want to get clear skin. And how can i prevent getting dark spots?

admin answers:

How you prevent them – do not pop your zits by squeezing them.
Get a safety pin and sanitize it with rubbing alcohol. When its white, put the safety pin into the white part of your blemish and it’ll immediately activate. It doesn’t hurt i promise, and it heals faster, and doesn’t cause acne scars.

You should look into lemon juice. Ill try to find you the article i read with reviews.
Here it is!
You can read those comments.


Donna asks…

How do i get rid of post acne marks?

I have really bad post acne marks cuz my boi-friend’s mom likes to pop my pimples. I was wondering how I can get rid of them.Please help!

admin answers:

Try “Scar eraser Acne Free Clear Skin Treatment”. It work for me!
This treatment is an Advanced Time-Released Two Step System. Hydroquinone helps to fade scars and even out skin tone. Also the new Oxygen-Peptide A reduces appearance of pock marks casued by acne.
For more informations read Here!

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