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Mandy asks…

How do I get rid of acne marks and get clear skin FAST?

I’m really tired of not being able to have clear skin. I’m not overweight (5’4″ at 120 lbs.) and whenever I eat whatever I want to, I break out. I don’t understand how some overweight people have really clear skin.
I want to get clear skin fast; I need hydrated skin and some way to get rid of my acne marks. Does anyone have any suggestions that would help in a couple of weeks? Diets, methods, anything?

admin answers:

Searching for quick and effective ways for how to get clear skin fast can be pain sometimes because of the sheer amount of bad information there is out on the net right now. A lot of information is stuff that has simply been rehashed and repeated so many times that people simply assume it’s gospel. Things like washing your skin or using benzoyl peroxide are some commonly repeated tips that drive me absolutely bonkers. Other things like using toothpaste my have had some effectiveness at one point, but that was when most toothpastes contained zinc in them so that idea is simply old and outdated now.

Here are some new homemade remedies for how to get clear skin fast. For the most part, these should all be gentle enough to use just about everyday but I’d suggest only doing them about 5 times a week to give your skin some time to just be itself, so to speak.

The first I’ll start with isn’t technically a home remedy because most likely you’ll have to buy it, but I find that jojoba oil is a fantastic moisturizer and on top of that, jojoba closely mimics the natural occurring oil on our skin and in a way, tricks the body into producing less throughout the day. This will cut down on breakouts and keep your skin very smooth.

Another treatment for how to get clear skin fast is to boil about half a cup of water and add two tablespoons of sea salt into it. Allow it to cool and then use a cotton ball to apply the solution to your face and then immediately rinse it off with warm water. Sea salt has beneficial properties for your skin and well help prevent breakouts from occurring.

The last is to place strawberry leaves directly to pimples and red marks on your skin. Their high alkalinity will help reduce swelling and will help them heal and go away more quickly. You can also put a dab of honey on them to both help them stick to your skin a little more easily as well as getting a healthy dose of healing from the antibacterial properties of honey.

Remember that acne isn’t directly a skin problem and the absolute best way for how to get clear skin fast and keep acne away for good is to deal with the real problems causing your acne in the first place.

Carol asks…

how do i get rid of ance marks on my cheeks?

i have acne marks left over from pop pimples or old ones or whatever, pretty much all up and down both my cheeks. is there some cheap, and safe way to get rid of them. Soap, scrub, proactive, neutrogena stuff,lemon and everything else doesnt work. Any suggestions, i dont have much money for a dermatologists recommendation or treatment.

admin answers:

Hi Ness,

it’s important to inform yourself first before buying any wrong solution. Products like e.g. Accutane or proactiv (and those pills doctors prescribe) are aggressive and can cause damages to you and your skin since they contain harmful ingredients.

Your best bet would be to check out

Make sure you bookmark it for future reference.

This is one of the very few products out there which really treats the acne problem at its roots from inside and out, no matter which kind of acne you have. Without damaging your skin, all natural.

I’ve literally wasted hundreds on other “miracles” but this one is highly efficient and that’s what only counts for me. It should also help you get rid of your acne in a breeze.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Charles asks…

My acne has escalated to astonishing heights in only 6 months. How do i free myself from this curse?

I used to have great skin with very few acne marks, so this sudden change caught me of guard. Now my face looks as if I were to have chickenpox! I can’t stand having my face like this any longer. I’ve literally tried everything including: Proactive, Mary-Kate acne wash, Nueotrangena, Terminator 10, Clearasil, and a couple others. I’m pretty much willing to try anything! Please help me! I’ve never had such low self esteem. I’m open to any suggestions. I’ve also gained several dark spots over time, if u have any suggestions on how I may rid myself of them, I’d be so very grateful.
Ahh, I forgot one detail that someone just mentioned. It actually has become somewhat cystic. I can actually say my face hurts with a simple touch.

admin answers:

Dont even bother trying to treat your dark makrs until your treat your acne, Go to your DOCTOR FOR ACNE TREATMENTS. Don’t waste your time messing around with OTC crap. If you don’t have access to a doctor go to and check out all the info they have on how to treat yourself, cause they got A LOT of info on how to treat your acne properly. Don’t wait until it gets any more out of control because you will have a face covered in red marks or maybe worse.

Also, forget Mary Kay;, Paula’s Choice, and Jan Marini sell some of the better non prescription acne treatments. Jan Marini’s stuff is comparable to prescription stuff (I actually think some of it is better formulated) but its pretty expensive while paulas choice and are more basic and affordable.

*also, if its only giving you red marks then its probably not cystic (the painful under the skin kind), so consider yourself lucky. Some people got it worse.

****if your acne has turned cystic you should treat it with antibiotics or accutane. Cystic acne can spread pretty fast so it will likely continue to worsen without proper treatment.

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