Treatments For Acne On Back

Helen asks…

What is an effective way of remove back acne scars?

I’m either looking for some sort of treatment or acne products that would be helpful.

admin answers:

I have found some good tips in following link, It may be good for you too

Lizzie asks…

What is the best product on the market to treat acne ?

My oldest daughter has a bad treatment of acne and she wants to know what is the most fast product to get rid of acne but it has to be something that I can buy for her

admin answers:

Raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar
heat a qt of water, add 3 tblspns vinegar, make a tent over the pot, cover your head with a towel, steam your face. Then dab some vinegar on your skin to clean, do this process 2 more times, then squeeze the blackheads. Mix 1/2 water, 1/2 vinegar, chilled, dab on face to close pores and tone skin….
As a skin care routine,
raw unpasturized apple cider vinegar..
Angelina O, has found that applying ACV topically to her face several times a day (4 or more times) has cured her of a “very bad complexion”. She reports that she applies it straight and that while it burns her skin a bit, it still works like a miracle!
Cheryl writes, “My daughter developed a case of moderate acne, and after trying a number of different things for over a year which helped very little or not at all, she started drinking 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar three times a day and applying it topically once at night. She has been acne free for two months. It took about three weeks to clear up.”

to drink it, put it in honey and water, or apple juice–tastes like cider..cost is 5 dollars a qt at the healthfood store

Mark asks…

I just got Benzoyl peroxide treatment for acne. How long should the ‘better before worse’ acne last for?

I went to the docters for treatment for acne on my face. he prescribed Pan Oxyl Benzoyl Peroxide, but my acne seems to be getting worse before better. Does any one know how long this “better before worse” phase will/should last for?

admin answers:

Youre skin is getting used to this new treatment therfore making it worse for a while… Its hard to tell when this phase will pass because we all have different skin types and we all react to things differently.. But hopfully it will wear off soon..

Good luck!!!!

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