Treatments For Acne On Back

Betty asks…

Good spot treatment acne medication cream containing Benzoyl Peroxide?

I’m looking for some spot treatment acne medication cream that actually works
Containing at least 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide
Good for spot treatment on face, and the like, 2 spots on shoulders
Looking for something I can pick up at a drugstore
And that is not too too expensive
thanks, :)

admin answers:

Clean and clear persa gel 10 has benzoyl is cheap too is a great acne cream.

Ruth asks…

What is the absolute best acne medicated face wash?

School pictures are coming up soon. Normally my skin isn’t too bad, but I have a feeling I’ll be PMSing during the week of pictures. If not, my skin will be recovering from the effects of the hormones.
What’s the best treatment for acne? Face washes, creams, anything that will work quickly and effectively.
Any input is appreciated. Thanks so much.
Also, I usually only get acne on my chin and nose area. I may occasionally have something on my cheeks or forehead, but that’s not common.
Thanks for all the input so far. (:

admin answers:

Well, use clean and clear advantage face wash. Wash in the morning and at night, wash your face with the soap, dont rinse, then get a hand towel..put it under hot water, and put some soap on the towel, then scrub your face.

If you do it with cold your water, you wont be getting anything done, cuz cold water closes your pores, but heat opens them.

Paul asks…

Are there any vitamins out there that can help in the treatment of my persistent acne?

Any vitamins I could take that can aid in the treatment of acne.

admin answers:

Check out this web site
also this is not a vitamin, but I found that drinking apple cider vinegar (from the health food store) about a shot worth mixed in tomatoe juice each day helps my acne – it cleans your body of all impurities. Good Luck

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