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Sandra asks…

What’ll be the effect of discontinuing Isotretinoin capsules due to skin inflammation and rashes?

Dermetologist has suggested these for treatment of acne. I’m getting skin rashes and inflammation due to the usage of these. Can any one suggest whether there’ll be any side effects if we stop the usage of these?

admin answers:

The rashes and inflammation will go away, but your acne will probably come back.

Maria asks…

Is there college classes relating to a natural field of study?

I’m wanting to learn and study about essential oils, herbs, and perhaps vitamins; and their effect on humans, animals, etc. Is there such thing as a career or even a major associated with any of these topics? I’ve been studying these natural products and their effect on myself in treatments for acne along with many other uses. Any ideas?
Please keep in mind that I’ve already gone to classes relating to massage therapy, and this is not the area of study that I’m looking for. I would like to achieve a higher level of education from a standard college. Thanks again!

admin answers:


Yes I have worked as an aromatherapist for 18 years, but I am not a massage therapist. I treat people with essential oils and vitamin therapy using creams and lotions.

You will find it very rewarding, and a lot less tiring than doing massage.

I would recommend visiting the websites of the International Federation of Aromatherapists,
and the international federation of professional aromatherapists

who have member schools and an agreed syllabus and accreditation scheme.

Make sure you look for a school that focuses on home treatments and dispensary. There are also a number of universities in the Uk that do a degree in complementary therapies that has a very broad skill set.

Hope that helps.

Richard asks…

What is is the difference between medical and cosmetic?

What is the difference between cosmetic treatment of acne and medical treatment? My insurance covers medical but not cosmetic, what does that mean?
Does a dermatologist fall under cosmetic or medical?

admin answers:

It means you can go to the doctor and get medications or creams for your acne but you cant go to say a cosmologist, or someone who specializes in skin treatments and get a chemical peel or a cream that isn’t certified ‘medication’.

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