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Carol asks…

What are some good on the spot treatments for acne?

I have a couple pimples that I want to get rid of by using an on the spot treatment. I’ve been using Clean and Clear Advantage on the Spot Acne Treatment but it doens’t seem to be working and I’ve tried it before with not much luck. Is there one similar to this that would work better? I just want one product, not several, to make these pimples go away as quickly as possible.

admin answers:

I really recommend one product by neutrogena called clear pore. It’s a 2 in one face wash it can be just a face wash or a mask. It works soooo good. I use it as a on the spot treatment as well. After I wash my face with it I just dab a little on my acne and leave it there and wash it off in the morning. Hope I helped :]

John asks…

Reddened skin, likely attributed to my acne, how do I get rid of it?

So I’m on three medications, Solodyn (Pill), and Differen and Duac (both gels) and while its helping my acne, the skin on my face and my hands is crazy red. Like nearly tomato red. I was just wondering if there was any way to make my skin a bit closer to what it should be colored without stopping my treatment of acne.

admin answers:

Well I do not suggest that you stop the medication. But I can only say this. Avoid food that is too spicy and oily. So, no french fries!!! And make it a point to change your pillow cover on a regular basis. And keep your towel clean. Use some disinfectant like Savlon while washing it. Use a good facewash suitable for your skin type and preferably a good astringent. Eat a lot of green veggies. The importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables can never be overstated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Cut down your intake of coffee and dairy products. Eat food that is rich in fiber, so that your bowel movements are regular. Eating a few bananas should help. Sleep on time. Have patience. You should see improvement in a few days. Wish you luck.

Mary asks…

Can acqueous cream really assist in the treatment of acne?

I have been using Retin-A cream for about a year for the treatment of some mild acne. It was ok, but never really got rid of the problem, with break-outs occuring quite often. It also dried out my skin terribly.

I have recently been using just a simple acqueous cream, it seems to be working wonders! It have been using it for a week (since I decided to stop with the Retin-A, and it has cleared up amost perfectly, and the cracked skin is gone! Is this a miracle of acqueous cream, and should I continue using it?

admin answers:

Yes i think u should i also use it for my mild acne and it works for me too…
I usually use it every day if not twice or three times a day…
Good Luck

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