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Mark asks…

What makes some dermatologists okay with prescribing birth control while others are reluctant to?

I’ve read about how some derms prescribe bc for the treatment of acne….while others will send you to a gyno or general doctor. Why is this?

admin answers:

Gyno’s get paid alot more to put teenage girls on birthcontrol. All the problems that they say the birthcontol are fixing can be fixed without the birthcontrol.

Thomas asks…

What is the best treatment for acne?

I was wondering what the best treatment for acne would be coz ya so plz provide some info on wat u think,know and like tell me which product itd be and abt how much the price is for it.Thanks!

admin answers:

I just made a huge thing of tips for you. :D

~Always eat healthy,I am vegan I strive to eat as healthy as possible,I love to eat antioxidant-rich foods such as blackberries,blueberries,strawberries and lots and lots of dark leafy green veggies like kale,mustard greens,broccoli,brussel sprouts,snap-peas etc
I also make sure to drink AT LEAST 8 glasses of water a day(I drink 12),a great way to do so is to start when you wake up,try drinking lemon water it give a great kick-start to your metabolism.

~As soon as I wake up I like to palates,I use this one when I am in a hurry:

~And I have a book that comes with a DVD called 15 Minute Total Body workout for Teens..or something like that(it’s at my dads house right now,so I can’t really find out what the name is)

~Some other ways to exercise is to ride your bike,jog,or walk your dog(if you don’t have one ask your neighbours if you could walk theres).

~Skin care is very important to!,I recommend natural cleanser (Cetaphil, Purpose, Kiehls, and Desert Essence all are great),once a week give your self a nice steam facial which helps release toxins and opens pores,then use a mask I like Ecco Bella’s Dark Chocolate Face Mask or you can just use eggs (cheap and they work really really well!),also a nice gentle exfoliant such as Earth Science Gentle Apricot Scrub,or baking soda.For a moisterizer use jojoba oil for oily skin and I recommend a cream moisterizer for dry such as Desert Essence Daily Essential Facial Moisturizer.

~Remember to relax take a break once in a while (including makeup!),give your self a spa day!,or take a nice walk.

~Try not to wear makeup to much I only wear makeup for special events,I like Urban Decay’s vegan makeup.


~For a natural spot treatment try tea tree oil or honey mixed with nutmeg.

~Try getting a sunscreen that’s at-least SPF 15 and up!.


~And remember keep your chin up nothing is more beautiful then confidence!.

~Avoid consuming too much dairy, and if you absolutely must have it, try to have organic milk and cheese that haven’t been pumped up with as many toxins. The hormones from a cow will be passed on to you when you drink its milk, and they can interfere with your own hormones

~In short
~Drink water .
~Eat healthy.
~Use a natural cleanser(since you didn’t say your skin type I’ll just recamend one for oily and one for dry) such as Kiehl’s Washable Cleansing Milk (dry) or Dessert Essence’s
Thoroughly Clean Face Wash (oily).
~Use a good mosterizer such as jojoba oil (oily) or Suki’s pure facial moisture – nourishing (dry).
~ Use a good mask such as Ecco Bella’s Dark Chocolate Face Mask once a week (all skin types).
Me,myself and I lol I hate when people say that :P Btw I copied and pasted this from a previous question similar to yours. :)

Carol asks…

How much salicylic acid is in aspirin?

I recently heard about using aspirin as a treatment for acne, because it contains salicylic acid. If an acne treating cleanser normally contains 2% salicylic acid, then what percentage would 5 pills of aspirin diluted with a drop or two of water contain?

admin answers:

Aspirin is acetysalicylic acid, which is made from, but is chemically different, slightly, from salicylic acid. Aspirin contains almost no salycylic acid, having been purified through fractional crystalization and fractional distillation. The fraction of a percent given above is probably close. 5 pills of aspirin would yield some 1.5+ grams of acetysalicylic acid and almost zero salicylic acid. One or two drops of water would not get 5 pills into solution, you’d probably need some 10 or 20 ml of water at least per pill.

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