Treatments For Acne On Face

Mandy asks…

If I use a Acne Spot Treatment, should I use a acne face wash or just a regular cleanser?

If I were to use the Clean and Clear Spot Treatment Gel, should I use a regular cleanser like Cetaphil or Biore? Or should I use an acne cleanser like Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash in Pink Grapefruit. I don’t have serious acne, just pimples here and there.

admin answers:

I would use a acne wash for increased effect, but a non drying one since you don’t have severe acne. I’m not a great fan of Clean and Clear, Kiss my Face botanical acne gel is so nice a cooling 18.99$. Use a gentle acne wash like desert essence face wash, alba acne dote face wash and My chelle teen acne. Neutrogena is nice but it’s for more severe cases. If you keep on using it use a moisturizer before you apply the spot treatment. Maybe an oil controlling moisturizer like aubrey moisturizer for oily skin.

Carol asks…

What is the best product for acne and acne scars on face?

Since 5th grade my face started to break out in a bunch of pimples. Some big some small some red some black, and there all left a black mark after its gone. When I use acne treatments my skin dry out or break out or bleed. Recent dark marks are fading but old ones are still there.

admin answers:

First of all there is big difference between acne and acne scar products!
If you are using good acne treatment product you will never need acne scar product.

So if you need really good acne product I recommend Exposed acne treatment, because it clears acne form inside out and you wil not need any facial cream to make your skin natural and smooth. In this acne treatment kit is included everything you need to make your skin look perfect!

Hope this helps a bit!

George asks…

what are the best over the counter treatment for dark spots?

I’ve got so many spots from my acne. My face is now clear but I want to get rid of the spots!!!!! I want 2 try products before I go to the dermatologist. Any suggestions that have worked for u?

admin answers:

I think you should use the skin brightening product.

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