Treatments For Acne On Face

Joseph asks…

Any ideas on homemade acne treatments?

I am having a mild case of acne. Its not severe enough to contact a dermatologist, but I would still like to think that someday I can get rid of most of my acne. I’m not up for buying/using harsh treatments like Proactive, so I was wondering if anybody had any recipes of some sort of acne face washes, scrubs, or facials? Thanks!

admin answers:

Honey and egg mask once a week.
Change your pillow case every second day.
No foundation, skin needs air.

Jenny asks…

What causes bad acne on my face and back?

I’m am 16 and I have had moderate acne on my face and upper back for about four years. I wash my face day and night and have tried many kinds of face wash and toner. Is there anything else I can try other than going to a dermatologist?

admin answers:

Acne is the result of toxins and hormones that accumulate from your lifestyle choices and the foods you eat. If you go to bed on time (that means get 8 hours of sleep), drink a lot of water instead of soda, avoid processed foods and eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains instead, drink green tea, avoid stress, exercise for 20-30 minutes a day or more and make sure you shower afterwards and change clothes to remove the sweat, your skin should start to clear up. If you are eating a lot f dairy, try to cut down on it because it can cause acne. Consuming good fats such as olive and olive oil, avocados, walnuts, pistachios, etc. In small amounts with every meal will clear your skin and make it glow after it clears up. Also stick to your skincare routine for at least a month or two so your face gets used to it. When you try new products, your face usually tries to purge by breaking out more for a few weeks and then it subsides. If your routine does not work after two months or so, I would recommend seeing a dermatologist. When going to a dermatologist, try to get to the root cause of the acne instead of having one that just prescribes an antibiotic because it is oftentimes not helpful and antibiotics ruin your skin if you stop using them, even it they don’t work for you in the first place.
Here is a link to a facemap of acne causes. It tells you what is causing the acne in each area you have. Http://
For your back: try to put your hair up if it is long. Scientists have found a direct correlation between hair length and back acne (the longer the hair, the more acne). When your hair rests on your back, the oils clog your pores and cause acne. Sweating also causes back acne, so make sure you shower or change your shirt after you exercise or sweat a lot. The other thing you can do for back acne is have someone rub your acne cream or spot treatment (whatever you use) on your back. My mom does it for me and it really helps.
I know this is a lot of information to take in, but you can try to make these changes one at a time. It worked for me after years of struggling with acne, so it will definitely work for you.

Donna asks…

Is it safe to give oral with acne medicine on?

Is it safe to give oral to a girl, after I’ve put on liquid acne treatment on my face? The liquid is clindamycin phosphate 1%. The liquid dries quickly after putting on, but i’m afraid of her private touching my face and cause pain or something to her.

admin answers:

I used to use liquid acne treatments similar to that that dried within a minute, and never had any complaints from my girlfriend so I think you’ll be fine. Do make sure that it is completely dry first though.

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