Treatments For Acne On Face

Joseph asks…

What are some good drugstore ACNE removal face washes, cleansers, etc?

I have african american skin and I have pimples on my chin and i don’t know why. I change my pillowcases every week and i don’t touch my face at all, so I don’t know how people think its a habit. What are some acne removal face washes that get rid of them. Oh, I have normal- oily (nose) skin.

admin answers:

You have acne because of your hormones. The other stuff (not changing pillow cases or picking at your skin just makes it worse).

I find that non-ance cleansers work best. I know that sounds backwards, but that’s what finally worked for me. I just started using the normal options instead of the “acne” options. I think the acne products dried out my skin, causing my body to produce more oil to replace the dry skin and causing more acne because of that.

I like Olay’s cleansers – they have a pore refining scrub cleanser that is nice when I want to remove dead skin and get a smooth surface. But their regular cream cleansers work great as well!

I suggest just using an acne spot treatment when needed – like a salicylic acid spot treatment.

Charles asks…

If I use a Acne Spot Treatment, should I use a acne face wash or just a regular cleanser?

If I were to use the Clean and Clear Spot Treatment Gel, should I use a regular cleanser like Cetaphil or Biore? Or should I use an acne cleanser like Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash in Pink Grapefruit. I don’t have serious acne, just pimples here and there.

admin answers:

Use “Niapads” (Nicotinamide acne pads) for controlling your acne. One step process provides exfoliation, pore cleansing and prevention of Acne.

Helen asks…

What is the best product to use for acne?

I have quite bad acne on my face and on my back. I also have it on my chest. I have tried almost everything and nothing seems to really work. What is a really good product that i can use?

admin answers:


I suffered from acne for years.

I went on the pill – it worked but as soon as I stopped my acne returned and I got oilier skin. The health scares regarding taking the pill for a long time scared me, so I decided not to go back on it.

I used ProActive – again this worked while I was using it, it was quite harsh on my skin and occasionally I had dry flaky and red skin. I couldn’t afford to use this all the time, when I stopped my acne returned.

The best treatment I found was Top Shirley Medicated Cream – it was very gently, is almost like a chalky cream which I massaged into my face for two minutes morning and night. I saw instant results and even when I stopped using it the results lasted. I no longer use the cream purely because I don’t have too. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from acne.

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