Treatments For Acne Rosacea

Daniel asks…

Does anyone know any professional dermatologists in long island, NY that is highly recommended?

I am specifically looking for a dermatologist in the acne and rosacea field.
Please support the recommendation with the outcome of the treatment, attitude of the MD, and others.
Also if you can list the types of insurances they accept or the website of the place, that’d be great.

admin answers:

Try going to It’s a website where people write in reviews of places, so you’ll know ahead of time exactly how customers and patients feel about that certain place. Then just call around and ask about insurances.

Good luck! :)

Chris asks…

What are some effective treatments for acne rosacea?

note to add – I know it can’t be cured, and I am just concerned about permanent redness on the middle of my face to each side of my nose.

admin answers:

Either topical antibiotic gels such as metronidazole, or oral antibiotics such as minocycline or lymecycline can be helpful.

Carol asks…

Has anyone else had IPL treatment for rosacea? Was it extremely painful to you?

I recently had my first IPL treatment for rosacea and the pain was severe..Do treatments get less painful?

admin answers:

I never had it before, sorry.

Just thought I’d mention this though:
I dont know what kind of rosacea you have, but I had the very mild version of rosacea (not the acne rosacea, just the redness on cheeks, nose, and forehead). Well I think it was caused by not enough sunlight because I was inside all the time before it started to appear. Sunlight gives people vitamin d. I noticed it got a little better when I went into mild sunlight each day, not full on sunlight. Maybe its worth a try if your rosacea appeared from not being outside for awhile. If I go out in the sun at like Noon time, when the sun is the strongest, it will really make my rosacea worse. But I noticed that after about a week of going out in the sun earlier in the day when it wasnt so strong, it helped my rosacea. Different people react differently, just thought I’d mention it since it seems to be helping me. I’d say Im about 60% better.

Also stress was a huge factor and that was even more important to avoid. When I stopped worrying about my rosacea and stressing over things, it got better as well.

Good luck

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