Treatments For Acne Rosacea

Sandra asks…

I was recently diagnosed with acne rosacea? What are the treatment options?

My eye doctor actually told me that I have acne rosacea. He is an ophthalmologist, so he has been to medical school. What do dermatologists normally prescribe for it?

admin answers:

Treatment options such as oral antibiotics and topical creams are commonly prescribed to reduce inflammation and redness. Topical cortisone preparations for short-term use may also be prescribed as topical vitamin C therapy and cosmetic surgery.

Often the harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients that are contained in today’s skincare products do more damage to your skin than you may realize. Herbal & homeopathic remedies, on the other hand have carefully selected natural ingredients to improve the appearance of the skin and prevent future break outs.

Some of such homeopathic ingredients include:

* Carbo vegetabilis (30C) is best for patients who are usually identified by the characteristic engorgement of capillary circulation. Their faces are often purplish.
* Calcium phosphoricum (D6) is a bio-chemic tissue salt which assists the body in creating new cells.
* Kali bromatum (30C) – It is also routinely used to help address skin conditions that cause redness, particularly on the face.
* Violae tricoloris (6C) is a remedy formulated from the Pansy and is used mainly as a remedy for facial skin disruptions and redness to the forehead and scalp

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Sandy asks…

How is rosacea acne typically treated?

I am a young hispanic male, I don’t fit the description of people who are prone to acne rosacea. I am going to a dermatologist soon, what is the typical treatment? Should I expect blood to be drawn?

admin answers:

No. Your blood does not have to be drawn.

Treatment is with Metronidazole Topical Gel (80% effective) or Permethrin 5% cream. You may also have to take an antibiotic (doxycycline, tetracycline or erythomycin) for 1 month. You dermatologist will decide on the best medication based on the stage of your rosacea.

You should:
Avoid Alcohol
Avoid prolonged heat exposure
Avoid hot liquids (coffee, tea)
Avoid heavy cosmetics
Avoid provocative medications such as Benzoyl Peroxide or Topical Corticosteroids

and Use sun screen regularly.

Charles asks…

How can i get rid of my rosy cheeks?

Im a guy aged 15 and ive had rosy cheeks all my life, not like only when i get hot or when i exercise, I mean all the time! My cheeks are always hot and the redness covers almost my whole cheeks, not in like spots but in one big red splogde! The skin isnt rough or pimpled like i have seen on people who have acne rosacea. I dont want to be having any time consuming treatment though, maybe just a cream that i put on in the morning. I already put moisturiser on in the morning but it doesnt help. What do you suggest because its really annoying and it ruins my confidence sometimes.

admin answers:

I think you should chill. It’s okay if you have rosy cheeks but you need to make sure that you keep them clean and maybe that might help…. GOOD LUCK!!:)

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