Treatments For Acne Scars

Ken asks…

What happens if you have a lazer surgery for acne scars?

Hi, I’m 13 and I really want my acne scars to disappear. But definitely, I am not getting it now. My mum says maybe when I’m older. My acne scars are not too deep, but they cover all my two cheeks, chin and side of my head. So how much would that be? Does lazer surgery hurt? Because I’m scared of doctors, and I’ve watched what goes on if you have it. Your skin has a reaction. But I’m scared of that too. What if something goes wrong? How longer would it take? What is the youngest age for a person to have the laser treatment.

admin answers:

Two types of laser therapy is available. They are ablative or resurface and non – ablative. When the ablative procedure is used, the scar tissue is burned away allowing the collagen to tighten around the wound. This reduces the visibility of the scar. This is a very invasive procedure requiring months for healing. The non-ablative laser treatment does not cause hurt to the top layer of skin. This is more well loved and can be completed at lunchtime allowing the individual to go back to work.

More and more people are opting for acne laser treatments today to remove acne or acne scarring. People who are considering acne laser treatment, should keep in mind that this sort of treatment really should be considered as a last resort. Treatment of severe acne scars depends on their shape, depth, and location.

During laser resurfacing, a laser pen is held just above the acne or acne scar tissue. A concentrated beam of light is waved back and forth over the area, vaporizing the unwanted tissue and developing a new skin surface for growth. This is where the term laser resurfacing comes from. After the laser treatment, new collagen will form.

Many types of acne scar treatment options are available for removal of scars. If your scarring is mild or has just occurred, an over-the-counter product will work. If you do speak with a doctor about it because of severe scarring, work together to find the treatment that is best for you.

Daniel asks…

Honestly Do you think there will be a treatment in the near future to completely restore acne scars?

Honestly Do you think there will be a treatment in the near future to completely restore acne scars
Also if you think there will be then when do you think this willl happen?

admin answers:

They already have methods like dermabrasion and laser treatments

Lizzie asks…

What should I do to get rid of my acne scars?

I have severe acne scars on my back and chest and I’ve tried fade cream and it doesnt work for s**t. Maybe if i caould get so great drugstore products home remedies? Anything helps but no laser treatment advice. Thank you!

admin answers:

I use lemon juice on both my acne and my scars. Lemon juice contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids, or salicylic acid to be specific. It is good at penetrating clogged pores and exfoliating dead skin cells. It is also a mild bleaching agent an over time can reduce the redness of acne (and other) scars.

Plus, it’s easy and cheap. Just go to your supermarket, buy a lemon, squeeze it for juice and then dab it on acne or scars with a cotton ball. I put it on at night an leave it until I shower in the morning.

Be careful, it may sting your skin, especially open wounds. Also, try it on a small patch of skin first. If your skin is sensitive, you want to find out if it gives you a rash or something. If you find it is too harsh in pure form, you can dilute with water. If it stings too much, wash it off after ten minutes.

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