Treatments For Acne Scars

Ken asks…

What type of laser surgery is best for ice pick acne scars?

I have ice pick acne scars and I want your opinion on which treatment would be best, thanks.

admin answers:

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Maria asks…

What can I use to get rid of acne scars, open pores, and to get my original complexion back?

I have some acne scars, rough looking skin, and skin darkening due to sun damage. Are therapies like blue light therapy or microdermabrasion good, or are there creams I can use to treat these ailments.( I mean good creams, becuase I have 2 useless products at home which aren’t doing anything for me right now.

admin answers:

The best cream you can get for getting rid of scars is very simply Vitamin E cream. Use it for 100 days and the idea is that it helps the skin heal 1% per day. After 100 days it will have healed as much as it can with the cream helping, after that you will have to try something else. There are lots of creams on the market from the pharmacy that claim to help heal scars but they wont change the roughness on your skin from the acne scarring just make it a bit softer and help with the discolouration. Dermabrasion and laser therapy are dramatic but if you have it done by a professional it can make a huge difference because it literally takes the surface off your skin letting it start again. Any peels, abrasive therapies or laser type therapies you really have to look into because they can have serious sideffects especially if you have sensitive skin or are prone to keloid scarring. Personally I would get an appointment with a dermatologist and discuss it with them as they may have a better idea of the treatment that would work for you and your skin type. I found an article that you might find interesting on comparing a couple of the different ways of removing acne scarring. Here is the link and good luck!!

Mandy asks…

Would it be stupid to get laser treatment for one acne scar?

I have this really bad acne scar on my nose, roghly the size of a 2p coin and yea…it’s quite big.

when i first fiddled around with the spot that was on my nose i accidently spread the bacteria and stuff :( no creams are working so i want laser treatment done.

also how old do i need to be to get it done?

admin answers:

Laser, mechanical dermabrasions, diamond peels etc. Etc. Wont work as it only scrape and affects the stratum corneum and will never go deep.

Your best choice is an aggressive deep chemical peeling such as TCA, Glycolic Acid and Miracle Peel (from skinpeelshop[dot]com) followed by Retinoic Acid solution and cream maintenance.

I have severe case of cystic acne and deep scars and about 2 months of doing 2 cycles of peel/month and ret acid cream and solution maintenance, about 80% of my scars even the deep one are gone.

I suggest buying it from reputable chemical peel shop to get potent and high quality peels.

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