Treatments For Acne Scars

Mandy asks…

How long does laser treatment for acne scars take?

I have has acne scars for 4 years now and they are very light. I got an appointment to see a dermatologist on the 18th. But I was wondering how long laser treatment takes? My mom said it gets months for it remove acne scars.
How many times do I have to get treatments? My mom said it will take months for the acne scars to be gone. But I think one or two treatment (a month) it will be gone

admin answers:

It depends on which laser and what kind of treatment. Recovery time can vary from 3 days to two weeks depending on the laser. Its all individual so you will have to ask the person doing the procedure.

*also, if you want to learn more about acne scar treatments (including laser) check out and; they both have tons of info and reviews.

**no your mom is right. In the first place it takes about 6 months to grow collagen and FYI, shallow or “light” acne scars are actually harder to remove—basically impossible….the truth is, the more severe your scars, the more improvement you’ll get, but with only shallow scarring you may find it a waste of money. That’s why I told you to check out those sites because their are reviews from real people and real cosmetic surgeons are on answering questions. When you look at some of their before and after pictures of people who got laser treatment for their acne scars some of them actually look WORSE and a lot of them look the same, just in different lighting in the after picture.

Laura asks…

Is laser treatment good for acne scar removal?

My girlfriend is considering getting pixel laser treatment to remove some minor acne scarring that she has on her face. I don’t know much about it and I would like to know more before she signs up for the treatment. What about the side affects? I have read that your face looks very burned afterwards.

admin answers:

I have had my face laser resurfaced twice and it has improved my acne scarring by about 50%. You should go and see a dermatologist to get more information about it.

Susan asks…

What is the best treatment for acne scarring?

I have mild acne scarring on my cheeks from previous years of suffering from acne. I’m still breaking out, but it’s mainly just scarring at this point.
From your EXPERIENCE, what is the best treatment for it? I’m seeing a dermatologist and they’re first recommendation was laser skin resurfacing. I’m all for it, but I want to make sure it’ll work before I put all my money into it.

admin answers:

Take it from someone who has tried LITERALLY EVERYTHING!

The BEST way to clear acne spots is using these two ingredients..

African Black Soap
and Vitamin E 70,000 IU

twice daily!

Its doing wonders for me and i think i was in the WORST condition of all!

Tyoe those two in google.. It should not be expensive at all.. Its better than any bleaching cream that will later cause damage..

I garauntee after the 2 weeks of use you will be wowed by the power of natural vitamin e and african black soap…

My regimen is.. Heat my face with a hot towel for 10 secounds to open pores..

Wash faces with african black soap..

Then rub a tiny but of vitamin e oil.. It moisturizes the skin so well..!

Then put on my make up until i wont have to anymore..

Hope that works.

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