Treatments For Acne Scars

George asks…

What are some available treatments to treat shallow acne scarring?

The right side of my face has always been more prone to acne, my guess is it is due to the fact that I often sleep on my right side. There are quite a few noticeable but shallow acne scars. What kind of treatments exist to minimize the appearance of scars? I’m open to new products or to try out in office treatments as well. Thank you for your info.

admin answers:

Mechanical peels like dermabrasion, diamond peel and others that scrubs off the surface of your skin are detrimental and will not be helpful for scars and acne. It will even encourage break outs and scar formation.

I strongly suggest glycolic acid of 30-50%, TCA of 20-30% or retinoic acid peels as these are very effective to clear the skin and decrease scar formation.

The best product i can recommend for severe acne scars and acne itself is zeonfusion miracle peel from

Ive been using it for 8 months and it made my skin literally perfect. My skin was not perfect to begin with as I have deep acne scars and severe acne. It is used once or twice a month and the effect is amazing in just one session.

Skin damage and scar formation is preventable, I suggest going to a dermatologist atleast once a month as well. Also drink plenty of water.

Linda asks…

Does any one know a really good treatment for post acne scars?

ok so you might of seen that i previously asked a question also about acne. thanks so much to all of you, you really help a lot. what i also wanted to know but didn’t emphasize enough was a good post acne scar treatment? anything will help, home treatments or anything that will help my scars! thank you!

admin answers:

When it comes to acne scar,u should include a scar serum in ur skincare regime since this could improve ur scar appearance.Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter also works best to improve ur scar.If u don’t have sensitive skin,u could use a facial scrub once a week to gently exfoliate ur skin and lighten ur scars.Ur skin should improve in a few weeks.Good luck….

Mary asks…

How much is Laser Treatment for Acne Scars in the PHILIPPINES?

I’ve read of the Fraxel Laser Treatment offered by the Belo Medical Group. Can anyone give me a price range? I have mild to moderate acne scarring.

admin answers:

My cousin from the philippines done it about a year ago….she said she spent like 20,000 PESOS….so she spent about $400 US.

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