Treatments For Acne Scars

Richard asks…

What are some good Drugstore products to get rid of my acne scars and blemishes?

I want clear skin.
Do you have any recommendation for acne, scars, and blemish treatments?
- If this helps, yes this is for my face.

admin answers:

To rid of acne i use proactive

to rid of scarring and smooth our the skin I suggest mederma. Works amazing

Linda asks…

What is a good acne scar treatment that is available at walmart?

i have acne scars and i want to get rid of them really bad, they are really visible and i want them gone, what is a good treatment for them available at walmart/walgreens/rite aid? thank you.(:

admin answers:

Clean aand clear advantage control kit. Is your solution, it worked on me within a week, it comes with a tube that says it’s proven to reduce the cplot of acne scars.

Thomas asks…

How to get rid of acne scars/hyperpigmentation? What treatment to get at a salon or spa or whatever?

I have acne scar and hyper pigmentation. Where do I go to get rid of it and what type of treatment do I ask for? How many sessions do you think it will take and how much will it cost (estimate)?
And also I want something that can make my skin even tone all over and smooth like a baby.

admin answers:

Don’t spend so much money on these things.
What you need:
1.) Warm Water
2.) Soap (Use liquid. Bar soap tends to clog pores)
3.) Toothpaste
4.) Plain yogurt
5.) Ice
6.) Patience (This usually works over night)

1.) Wash your face with regular warm water with soap
2.) Dry face with clean towel.
3.) Apply toothpaste to places that you have to most problems with. If you put it on zits it may feel like your face is burning but it’s okay cause it’s working :) Leave on for 5 min
4.)Wash off with warm water.
5.) Dry with clean or same towel you used earlier.
6.) Apply the plain yogurt to entire face and leave for 30 min. (To let the time go by watch tv, listen to music, read a book, or do anything that you like doing that doesn;t use the face.) If you don’t leave the yogurt on for 30 min, it’ll take longer for treatment to work.
7.) After 30 min wash with warm water and dry off.
8.) ICY TIME! Get ice and rub on the scars. This will make the scars smaller. Do this for how ever long you want.

Do this at least every other day and you’ll soon fine your face smooth and clearer. Avoid putting any creams on your face. Most of the time they are the cause that makes you have bad acne.

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