Treatments For Acne Scars

Donald asks…

How well does Acne Scar treatment work?

I got really tiny acne scars, but some are under the skin, like darker spots that arent going away. So once they hopefully do, and i got small scars i just wanna know how much better Acne scar treatment will make it. Is it really expensive?

admin answers:

If you find cheap treatment,then use home remedies.some home remedies like
1.use tomatoes juice after late evening. same time you can use cucumber,lemon juice regularly.
3,regular hydrate may also help you.
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David asks…

What is the best way to treat acne scars?

My girlfriend has acne scars on her cheeks which really bothers her. What are the best topical creams or treatments to get rid of the scarring. The scars are basically dark red marks left on her skin by the spots. She doesn’t want to use laser treatment she just wants to use a natural remedy if there is one.

admin answers:

The good news is that over time these scars will fade on their own, however there are a couple of things she can do to make them go faster.

The best thing to help to resurface the skin, and encourage fresh new skin to appear is to exfoliate – for best results a microdermabrasion scrub would be best – these are usually used 2 – 3 times a week. She will notice immediately after the first use how soft her skin feels, and it won’t be long before she sees a noticeable improvement in her skin. (Another good thing about these scrubs is that they encourage the skin to remain youthful).

As for something to use on her skin, bio oil is really good for scars. However, a less commercial solution and in my opinion far superior alternative is cold pressed virgin organic coconut oil. This is also far more cost effective. She could just use a little before bed (a little goes a long way). Coconut oil also has loads of health benefits when you cook with it, and it will also help to improve her skin if she eats it.

Nancy asks…

Can anyone recommend a good treatment for acne scars?

I am not expecting them to disappear completely, but I would not mind at least defeating the pink spots now that acne is over….

Has anyone been successful in lessening acne scars permanently, and if yes, can you recommend a way?

admin answers:

The Mederma brand has worked well for me for scars on various places on my body, it’s a little pricey but give it a shot.
Also, if you have money to invest, check out the Mary Kay microdermabrasion skincare set. Over time it’ll help those scars fade by getting rid of “bad” skin :)

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