Treatments For Acne Scars On Face

Sandy asks…

How long does it take for acne scars to fade using the tomato method?

I have a few acne scars, but they are in the most noticeable areas on my face. What I’ve been doing is: taking fresh tomato juice and putting it on the acne scars. It’s only been a few days, but based on experience, how long did it take for your scars to fade? Thanks

admin answers:

Yet another way to use tomatoes in the treatment of acne is available for those who don’t feel comfortable leaving pulpy tomato on their face for an hour or for those that don’t like the idea of rubbing half of a tomato across their face. Simply take one tablespoon of tomato juice, mix it up with about three or four drops of lime juice in a small dish, then apply the mixture to your affected areas of acne with a cotton ball. This application needs to set for four or five minutes to be effective as the acidity in lime juice needs a bit more time than commonly featured over-the-counter ingredients like alcohol to dry out your skin but it works just as effectively given the full five minutes. Once the application has set for five minutes, rinse with warm water.

A variation to the tomato mask that works well and utilizes a vegetable with similar properties as the tomato is the tomato and cucumber mask. Cucumber has a moisturizing effect on flesh whereas the acidity in the tomato will shrink pores. Mash up the tomato as aforementioned and either add cucumber juice or mash a cucumber up into as smooth a paste as you can. Mix the two and also keep the mask on for a full hour. If the acne is painful, try adding two tablespoons of yoghurt to the paste mixture. This will soothe the pain.

Steven asks…

How to get rid of redness from acne scars?

I have red spots on my face from acne scars and developing acne. I tried the ice method but it doesn’t seem to work at all. Any other ways to get rid of the redness???

admin answers:

Here are some of the Home Remedies to get rid of pimple scars :

1. Tomato, which has vitamin A. Vitamin A, controls the production of excess sebum and also an excellent antioxidant. Slice tomato and apply slices directly to skin.

2. Your skin needs water to keep the skin plump, remove toxins and build new skin cells. Drink at least 80 ounces of filtered water a day to give your skin the quality and quantity of water it needs to reveal healthier, fresher skin.

3. Cucumber is one of the refreshing treatments used for the treatment of acne. Blend the cucumber into a paste and apply it on the spots. Leave it for 30 to 45 minutes and then wash it off.

4. The sandalwood and rosewater blend can be used as a facial mask and cab be instantly applied on the pimple areas of skin. Wear it during the night before going to bed.

Susan asks…

What are the chances of my face being totally ruined and burned if I got a acne scar laser treatment?

I have some nasty acne scarring on my temples, forehead, and cheeks. They make me really depressed so I’m thinking about getting it treated by a laser or whatever the latest thing the dermatolists use. BUT, I’ve seen some pretty nasty pictures on the internet of peoples’ treatment go totally wrong, they end up with a burnt face or severe redness. please help =(

admin answers:

Go to a certified, trained professional. They will guide you through, start with and test patch or something see how you react.
I would think [some of] the examples of bad treatments would be from quacks and other shonky ‘doctors’ offering cheep treatments.
You get what you pay for.

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