Treatments For Acne Scars On Face

Linda asks…

what can i do to reduce the appearance of my acne scars?

I have really bad acne scars on my face and back. i’ve started using bio-oil, and it’s been a month, but i haven’t really seen any change, though they do say it takes about three months.
are there any cremes that can significantly reduce acne scars? will my skin ever look normal again?
does lasic treatment really work? will anything make it look normal again?

admin answers:

Go to your local store and get a buff puff, it’s a course cleaning pad that you use and it removes the outer layers of skin, allowing fresh, new skin to replace it.

Jenny asks…

How to remove acne scars in face?

My skin so white, so acne scars look clearly in my face. What kind best product to remove that’s?

admin answers:

Here are the 6 common Do-it-yourself home remedies that are well-known to treat acne scars effectively:

Remedy #1: Lemon Or Lime Juice

Squeeze some fresh lemon juice on a cotton ball (you can also use lime to replace lemon), then apply the juice on the acne scars areas. Let the juice be on your skin for 1 t o 2 minutes. Then, rinse it off with cool water. Continue the treatment daily until the scars are removed.

Remedy #2: Ginger Slices

Cut ginger into slices and apply daily on the acne scars areas, do it every day before you go to bed. Slightly press the ginger at the scar areas for at least 15 minutes. You should be able to see a excellent improvement of the scars after a week of treatment. Keep the treatment until the scars are removed.

Remedy #3: Olive Oil

Olive oil is another well-known effective home remedy for acne treatment. Just apply the oil directly to the scars, then use your fingers to massage cold-pressed the olive oil into the skin. The olive oil will moisturizes the skin and remove dead cells to improve the skin condition that leads to the removal of acne scars.

Remedy #4: Cucumber Paste

Cut a cucumber into smaller pieces and then place into a blender to blend it into a paste. Separate an egg white from its yolk. Then, add the egg white into the cucumber paste. Mix them well. Apply the paste onto the acne scars and leave it for several minutes before rinsing with water.

Remedy #5: Sandalwood Rosewater Paste

Sandalwood has anti-inflammatory effect can help to soothe and cool the skin. It has unique rejuvenation property that works best in removing acne scars on skin. Therefore, it is a excellent remedy that can be used to treat acne scar effectively. The result even more marvelous if it is mixed with a few drop of rosewater.

To make the sandalwood rosewater paste is simple. You just need to take a sandalwood stick and place a few drop of water on it; then, rub the stick to get the powder. Add more water and a few drops of rosewater to form the paste. Apply the paste onto the affected skin twice a day.

Remedy #6: Others

Other than the above remedies, you can also use tomato to replace cucumber; or use lavender extract instead of lemon juice to dab on the affected areas for treating the acne scars.

Robert asks…

How to get rid of old and new acne scars?

Well i have quite a few acne scars on my face, their red and purple in colour.
Any products or tips?

admin answers:

The red spots you see are called macules. Sometimes they heal quickly and sometimes it takes awhile because the blood vessels that were there slowly die off.

Here’s what I would suggest:
Try your best to not pick at your skin – this will help maintain the healthy skin you have and allow healing for any damaged skin.

Cleanse with a gentle cleanser that your skin responds well to. Don’t use something too harsh and don’t wash more than 2 times per day (unless you’ve been sweating a lot). Don’t use something with alcohol in it because this will dry out your skin and will cause your skin to respond by producing more oil (and then more acne – which will lead to scarring).

Gently exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells that can get trapped in your pores (which could cause more acne that will lead to more scars.) Prevention is always best. But, the most important thing is to gently exfoliate and allow your skin to heal in its own time. Most people over cleanse and over scrub their skin thinking that they will help their skin but this actually has the reverse effect. If you have dry or sensitive skin, exfoliate only 1 time per week. For oily or combo skin, 3-5 times per week. Normal skin – everyday is OK.

Consider using a very mild topical acne treatment that contains no more than 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. BP is very effective in treating acne prone skin if used consistently. Usually, there is no need to go higher than a 2.5% concentration.

Eventually, the scars will fade over time. Just be patient with it and be proactive in preventing the acne that causes the scars. Most of the time, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on treating your skin – you just need to learn how best to do it. I think you’ll see a big difference! Good luck to you!

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