Treatments For Acne Scars On Face

Sharon asks…

What is top acne scar removal products you ever use and does work?

So when I hit my puberty I have this acne face. Almost each part of my face have pimples and acne. It is better now but I still have those small scars. My friend told me that laser treatment could fix them but I can not afford to pay laser treatment. So what is the top acne scar removal products that works? I am hoping someone could recommend some affordable treatment like scar removal cream maybe. Please anyone…

admin answers:

Now days there are many alternative treatment out there beside laser treatment. Most of them are really affordable. I can recommend you one product for scars that I personally believe is working, It is Dermefface fx7. This scar removal serum is one of Skinception skin care product series. The main reason why I believe this serum will removal scars is that they provide before after pictures and clinical studies. This serum can treat more serious scars like surgery scars so it will definitely work for acne scar in my opinion. The price is also reasonable. It is great alternative to laser treatment. The best part of this scar removal product is that it does provide money back guarantee so in case it does not work after you buy and use it than you will be refunded. Nothing to lose right. You might want to check the price and more details in my source.

Steven asks…

What is a good acne scar remover out there?

I have battled acne and now i am left with all of these acne scars and blemishes on my face that I desperately wanna get rid of! Any suggestions? I wash my face every morning and night and have also tried a toner, i am currentley going a natural route and using lemon juice because i have heard it helps fade acne scars but i barely see results,,,help?

admin answers:

Apply orange peel paste on and around the pimples.
Apply garlic on and around the pimples to remove it without a mark.
Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin E are the best nutrients to cure the acne. So take a balanced diet full of nutrients and vitamins.
Mix lime juice and rose water in equal proportion. Apply it on affected areas and allow it to dry for 10 minutes.

Even after the treatment, acne leaves scars. Excellent home remedies to remove acne scars are listed here. Follow these tips to get rid of the acne scars.

Rub ice cubes on face for 10 minutes to tighten the pores.
Cucumber juice can also be used to tighten the pores. Apply it and allow it to dry for 10 minute

Michael asks…

Is it okay to use more than 5 different acne products?

I use 5 Different acne things like every 2 months and after i use 2 different moisturizers. Is that unhealthy for the skin? I use things like some face cleanser/exfoliate things first. Then i use an actual acne products. like maybe 2 different ones. Then i go on to acne spot treatment like acne scar removal things. Is that okay?

admin answers:

I don’t think excessively using these products would be good for your skin! You may be doing more harm than good. I wouldn’t use all of those products everyday, perhaps alternate the use of each. Wash your face morning and night. Moisturize afterwards. Exfoliate maybe every 2 days and blah blah blah. If what you’re doing though works and has been working and there seems to be no damage to the skin, I say continue.

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