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Linda asks…

How do I get rid of the acne scars on my face?

Guys please help I have an acne scar on the tip of my nose thats very noticeable. The problem is I’m going to a new school this year and I’d prefer it if It wasn’t there for my first impression. I’ve tried tricks like putting toothpaste on it, or squeezing it, and I even tried cutting it down with a shaving razor. But all it seems to do it bleed and stay there. Does anyone have any tips on how I could get this off my nose or the many other acne scars on my cheeks?

admin answers:

Oh my goodness cutting it down with a shaving razor sounds horrible….

I suggest you immediately stop bothering it, you’re only making it a thousand times worse.
To be honest, scars take a good amount of time to fade completely. For now put concealer over it.
Seriously though, concealer helps a lot.

Also, you can buy a fading cream like this one:

but you have to be patient.

Ken asks…

What is the best thing to use on acne scars?

I have just a few acne scar spots on my face, what are the best remdies i can use at home that will either help them disappear or at least fade?


admin answers:

Acne scarring is perhaps worse than the acne itself.

My acne scars weren’t horrible. They probably weren’t even that noticeable after I put on my foundation. However, I certainly noticed them and that was all it took to bother ME.

If you’ve got acne scars, you may feel a bit helpless. But you don’t have to because there are alternatives to getting rid of acne scars. And you CAN do something about it.

So what do you do about it? Well, there is totally a solution … Actually there are many.

These are NATURAL treatments.

Now, just because you hear the word “natural”, I don’t want you to shake your head and think you need to just buy some over the counter miracle cream. These remedies WORK! And you’ll find that by consistently using them, your acne scars WILL fade just like mine did.

So without further ado, here are my favorite natural acne scar solutions:

Vitamin E
Don’t underestimate the power of this healing lotion. You can get it at any drugstore in topical form. I have a HUGE bottle of it under my sink :) . Vitamin E naturally heals scars by moisterizing the damaged skin. Use it everyday to fade away acne scars.

Cocoa Butter
This one should be used carefully. If your acne is not already under control, cocoa butter does pose the threat of additional breakouts. However, if you’re using the 3 Day Cure technique and your skin is finally clear, this is a powerful healing tool. Cocoa Butter will soften skin, lighten the scars and make them fade into nothing. I love this one. By the way, Cocoa Butter also works great on fading stretch marks.

Okay, this is totally gonna change your life! Honey works overtime on acne & acne scars. Yes, Honey! When I first learned about this natural remedy, I was pretty bewildered. The sound of it alone is confusing. Honey is a sticky, sugary substance. How can it possibly clear up skin?

Honey kills bacteria while simultaneously lessens the red look of irritated skin. The acidity in the honey evens out your skin tone, shrinks current pimples and will give your skin a softer feel. Listen, I know you may be skeptical of this solution. I was at first, then I tried it. This natural acne scar remedy works great.

Lemon will help clear up acne as well as fade acne scars. Plus your face will smell like a freshly shined harwood floor, so that’s a plus ;)

The acidity in the juice will lighten the redness of the scars and balance your skin’s pH levels to prevent future breakouts. Give it a shot.

You can find a lot of other natural acne treatments and acne scar treatments through the Source link below.


Paul asks…

What can I use to clear up my face from acne scars?

I’m only 19 years old and I have a bunch of acne scars, like red dots on my face. What can I use to clear my face up and make it lighter?

admin answers:

From the Mayo Clinic:

Acne scars are stubborn, and no single treatment is best for everyone. Various procedures can improve your complexion, however. One option may be to inject collagen or fat under the skin and into the acne scars. This fills out or stretches the skin, which makes acne scars less noticeable. Results are temporary, so you’d need to repeat the injections periodically. As another option, you may consider microdermabrasion to remove the cells on the surface of the skin or dermabrasion to completely remove the top layer of skin. Various laser treatments can also be used to treat acne scars. In some cases, surgery to remove deeply indented acne scars is an option. To determine what’s best for you, discuss the pros and cons of each procedure with your doctor or dermatologist.

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