Treatments For Acne Scars On Face

Susan asks…

what is the best way to remove treat acne scars onthe face?

I have a few acne scars on my face and want to remove them as much as possible, but i don’t want to pay for laser surgery or anything that extensive. I know coco butter is good for scars and skin treatment, but can this be used on face? I worry that the oil from Coco Butter will cause further break outs leading to more scarring. Or what about Mederma? I heard that was supposed to be good.. any advice is welcome. Thanks

admin answers:

ZenMED is the best do it yourself home treatment for scars and wrinkles. The best part about this acne scar treatment kit is that it is formulated with the average consumer in mind instead of celebrities. The price is very reasonable.

- Michael

Richard asks…

How can i get rid of red acne scars?

I have never had really bad acne but I do have a few red acne scars on my face. They really bother me. I am only 14 years old so i can’t afford any laser treatments or anything, but i was wondering if anyone knows any products i can use to get rid of them? If so what are they called and where can i find them? ( keep in mind they can’t be to expensive) Thanks!

admin answers:

Benzoyl Peroxide is widely known in its effective results, however it may take 4 – 6 weeks to see the complete results. Thus, it is more better to used with other acne-fighting regimens, such as Clindoxyl Gel which is also proven as less cost yet effective acne treatment. Use of a combination treatment with Benzoyl Peroxide and other active ingredients increases its effectiveness in curing acne lesions. Always remember to watch out from oily products, always avoid touching your face and beware of too much sun exposure to avoid having acne. Aside from what is mentioned above, try to control eating foods that has a contributing factor to acne’s.

Ruth asks…

What is the best way to get rid of acne scars?

I had a lot of acne as a teenager – well last year – and now there are all these dark red and brown spots on my face. It drives me crazy to always have to cover myself up with make-up and foundations.

What are the best, most effective treatments for completely fading acne scars like this? They aren’t indented or anything, they’re just spots. I’m willing to go to the dermatologist as well, so if there are any chemical peels or laser treatments that they could give me, then please elaborate on the best investments there.

Thank you!

admin answers:

Hey try this one,

Garlic is a well known remedy for pimples. Crush garlic and apply fresh juice on and around the pimples. Regular application will solve the problem of pimples once for all,. No scars will be left on your face.

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