Treatments For Acne Under The Skin

Sandy asks…

What is the most fool-proof acne treatment that doesn’t over-dry the skin and works quickly?

I am a 30 yr old female with combination/oily skin. i have never had problems with acne in the past other than an occasional pimple here and there. i have tried neutrogena, which is said to be better than proactiv, but it doesn’t work, and it over dries my skin. i usually break out around my chin, and on either side of my nose. these originate from under the skin. i need a remedy. any dermatologists out there with suggestions? anyone?

admin answers:

I’ve kept up with proactive for over two years and i think it is the best ever. I went from having 20 some pimples to like a few. Each skin is different and medcines work for some people and not others but i most definatly would suggest proactive if you havent already tried it. It might be expensive but to me it is worth it.

Chris asks…

How can you get rid of a pimple thats not a whitehead or anything yet?

I get these red lumps under my skin that eventually turn into whiteheads. How can i get rid of them fast before they turn into whiteheads?

admin answers:

I’ve heard putting toothpaste on them overnight can help swelling and inflamation go down, but personally i’d wait til it’s ready.

To bring it to a head use salacylic acid acne treatments of some sort..facewash, astringent, etc. And place a hot compress on it . Once it has a head pop it and make sure all the pus is gone. By the next day there should be no sign of it. :)

Sandra asks…

Should I go ahead and buy accutane or isotretinoin for severe acne?

My friend suffers from severe acne,where it swells under the skin,fluid-filled cysts and hurts. I have seen the treatment is accutane or isotretinion. But there are also strong warnings about the side effects. I told her about it (she is in Africa) and she is willing to give it a try. She is about to get married,so it would be good to have her face cleared. Am abit worried, should I go ahead and buy it? thank you.

admin answers:

I don’t think you should buy Accutane for her. It is one serious drug…
“Women of child-bearing potential must agree in writing to use two specific forms of birth control and have regular pregnancy tests before, during, and after taking isotretinoin.”
(isotrentinoin is another name for accutane)

“Accutane side effects are so severe, that it can only be prescribed by doctors that have been certified by the FDA. Moreover, Accutane prescriptions can only be fulfilled by pharmacists that have also been certified by the FDA.”

Please don’t let her get hold of Accutane without being under the care of a specialist.
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