Treatments For Acne Vulgaris

Helen asks…

How long does it take for a pimple to form?

I have heard different things and I was wondering if someone knows. Before the pimple is visible on my face, how long before that does the process start deep inside?

admin answers:

Here is a link to webmd it has all the basic info on pimples……


This site has lots of links.

Hope this answers your questions.

Richard asks…

Is HONEY good for a natural treatment of acne?

s Honey a good treatment? I just found a Youtube video talking about honey and how it could be used to cleanse skin and prevent, or cure acne.

I want to know if this is just… utter crap, or if this actually helps.

please respond quickly.

admin answers:

Honey can be used on cuts and sores which will not heal. Medical professionals know this. However, on your face? Well, it will clog your pores and probably cause breakouts. For pimples which have already been created you don’t need honey. There are other products because pimples heal quite quickly.

Don’t put masks on your face if you have acne. That’s just going to aggrevate whatever problem you have. When it comes to acne; keep it simple.

Use a simple cleanser–NOT SOAP. Don’t over-dry your skin with some acne cleanser because your face will react by producing MORE OIL! Yep, that’s right. Over-dry your skin with products and you’ll end up making your acne worse!

I learned this from my dermatologist who has a PhD on top of having an MD.

She taught me to use just a couple of very basic, non expensive products.

1. Cetaphil Cleanser.

2. Benzoyl Peroxide.

3. Moisturizer.

4. Sunscreen.

5. Mild retinoid gel (Differen a prescription product) to prevent blackheads.

6. Tetracycline for real trouble (another prescription product).

And, she gave the rationale for use of each.

Cetaphil is a mild cleanser which sets your skin at the correct pH. You can get at any grocery or drustore. It is not expensive and when I switched to this my skin changed dramatically. No more dry, itchy red skin. It calmed down.

Benzoyl Peroxide is a drying/antiseptic agent which can be used directly on pimples or mixed up with a moisturizer to help with slight over-all daily oililness of skin. Experiment. It can over-dry skin if too much is applied to large patches so best to combine with moisturizer.

Sunscreen. Enlarged pores are caused by exposure to the sun. Once enlarged they are nearly impossible to reduce. Makeup may hide, but makeup causes pores to also get clogged, so sunscreen is best weopon against aging and enlarged pores. Neutrogena makes a few good ones, especially one with a light tinting which doubles as a makeup.

Differen–a prescription retinoid product which is applied only at night and over the course of a month or more begins to gently exfoiliate skin and newer skin begins to come to the surface. This reduces blackheads in addition to better looking skin and less pimples. Prescription.

Tetrocycline. By prescription and reduces the bacteria in skin which causes acne. Drawbacks are be careful about going out into sun. Cannot eat one hour before taking or 30 minutes after taking.

Accutane is only for very serious acne and not at all easy to get from dermatologist because can cause depression, it affects oil secretion so seriously dry skin can result. Consider only if you have really bad acne, which is aka acne vulgaris.

Toothpaste is a cleanser and should not be left on ones delicate face. This is a crazy myth continually being posted here on Y.A. Avoid toothpaste on your face. If the menthol in toothpaste burns to keep in your mouth for very long, imagine what it can do to your face while you are sleeping all night! OUCH!

If you must use makeup then use a mineral makeup. It is less likely to clog pores than a cream-based or liquid makeup, plus it really will look better. The less the better….in the short and long run.

Daniel asks…

does acnecomplex work even if you dont have bad acne?

I dont have acne, but i break out sometimes on my forehead and hairline, will ti dry out my skin if i use it? is it only for people with acne?

admin answers:

Don’t know, but check out this web:

Here is what the WEBSITE CONTAINS:

3.2.1 Exfoliating the skin
3.2.2 Topical Bactericidals
3.2.3 Topical antibiotics
3.2.4 Oral antibiotics
3.2.5 Hormonal treatments
3.2.6 External retinoids
3.2.7 Oral retinoids
3.2.8 Phototherapy Blue and red light Photodynamic therapy
3.3 Less widely used treatments
3.5 Preferred treatments by types of acne vulgaris
5 See also
6 References
7 Footnotes
8 External links

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