Treatments For Acne Vulgaris

Richard asks…

Can anyone offer advice on the best acne treatments available?

Hi there. I just got back from a visit to my GP, who has diagnosed me with Acne Vulgaris. He’s sending me to see a specialist and says i’ll probably be put on Roaccutane. I have friends who have had this treatment and their skin has been left scarred as a result. There are also hundreds of very nasty side effects. Can ANYONE please let me know if there is anything more effective out there. I am so depressed. Please help if you can.
Many thanks,

admin answers:

My doctor prescribed me with eurethromycin (sorry about spelling) tablets and Dalacin T topical lotion for my acne and they worked so i stopped using them 2 years ago. I now only get the odd spot like most people now (not a face full of sore annoying boils and spots)so ask your doctor about them- hope i helped

Paul asks…

whats the fastest way to cure Acne Vulgaris?

I’m doing a science project on curing acne in young people AFAP (as fast as possible) so prescriptions, home remedies and any other sort of help would be appreciated

admin answers:

Interesting project. Like to hear more about it as we just worldwide patented a natural treatment to cure acne vulgaris. Most over-the-counter products focuses on elimination of acnes using artificially made (harsh) pharmaceutical ingredients. A consequence therof is that also the rest of the micro flora is affected, ultimately resulting in a complete disturbance of the skin’s micro flora, and an attack of the immune system. Compared the the current product portfolio on the market our product is truly superior to everything else that exists, without any side effects.
It would be a pleasure to compare our product with the ones you’ve in you scientific project.

Susan asks…

i have oily skin, and its also sensitive to chemicals and fragrance! What are the best products?

I use Cetaphil to wash my face, an exfoliating scrub w/salicylic acid every other day, and I use Neutrogena On the Spot treatment to avoid any major break-outs. However, my skin still is not as clear. I go to a dermatologist, and he says that I have Acne Vulgaris, which is a medical description of simple acne! So frustrating. I don’t want to use major chemicals on my face, so I stopped using Tazorac, which is a prescription Retin-A product, and I just stuck with the over-the-counter stuff, which my dermatologist approved.

admin answers:

Check around local spas and salons where they give facials..The Dermalogica line is amazing…they have great products for acne/oily skin and the whole line is free of chemicals and artificial ingredients…it is professional so you should only get it from a lisenced esthetician but it’s the best i know of…

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