Face anything before you, to not love yourself. Ntter who lives in tworld, and wherever she’s, she will easily criticize or make her very own judgment of anybody or anything she meets to construct her confidence or assure her status. When these acrimonious ideas occupy our mind constantly, no-one can don’t be the next to become looked over or refused. The lady within the story, who’s very self-confident and narcissistic, lives inside a perfect realm of her very own. However, when some flaws appear, what should she caused by face these defects that they can hardly bear? The introduction of the film comes from my development of an animation that has an limitless growing monster. Therefore the scenario is centered on acne, which cause some trouble within our daily existence. Some kind of special figures are produced to focus on their qualities. A coquettish primary actress seems because the movie begins, and she or he likes to demonstrate her beauty while using exaggerated ways with the whole story. I believe the quest for perfect and confidence is our aspiration, but we sometimes are trapped by our overconfidence, similar to the primary actress who thinks she is easily the most beautiful lady in her own small world. Because the acne within the story just reflect the ugliest self that the actress can’t face, she selects to push the acne in to the ground 1 by 1. She thinks that they has hidden all of the defectives and reduced the problem, but she does not understand that she is only the among the acne


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