Acne Does Not Choose – Be it a Man or a Woman

You see television programs about acne, you read articles about acne, and the internet is loaded with information about acne. Despite all these knowledge, you may be wondering who gets acne?
Bad news is, people of every age, gender, and race can be affected by acne. At any given point in time, about half a billion people around the globe will be stricken by acne. In fact, acne is the most common of all ailments or disease that has been plaguing people for centuries. Although younger people like teenagers are affected far more than adults, people between 20′s and 40′s or even passed that age are often menaced by adult acne. Further, acne is not bounded to any socio-economic class. People from all walks of life can one day end up suffering from acne.
Although acne strikes women and men equally, there are some stages when this disorder would choose between those two genders or putting it differently, it attacks both males and females in unlikely means or in different forms.Acne in Men:
There are two special things about acne in boys and in men: first, since teenage boys’ body system creates more androgen – the hormone that triggers oil production (which is the main reason for acne occurrence) they are more likely to be affected by acne compared to teenage girls. Two kinds of acne strikes mostly boys and men, these two are “Acne Conglobata” and “Acne Fuliminas” respectively.
Men suffering from acne must know that their condition is not due to shaving but it can interfere with the process of healing. They should use quality shaving cream and a sharp blade so that when shaving they will avoid further irritating the skin.Acne in Women:
Changes due to hormones during menstruations, pregnancy and at menopausal stage can be one of the causes of acne in most women since this is the time that women experiences hormonal imbalance. Progestin and estrogen are the major hormone players on women.
Research has found that acne comes about more often the week prior to menstruation. This condition lasts for a week approximately. About 60 to 70% of women who battle with acne experience premenstrual flare-ups.
Acnegenicity is the ability of certain products to give encourage acne breakouts. Today, with the varied cosmetic products out there, it is very crucial to make certain that cosmetics are noncomedogenic or doesn’t cause acne. For those who have had history of acne, and even those who haven’t should use cosmetics with care and recognize what is suitable for your skin and what is not. Cosmetics that are water based is preferable over oil based cosmetics as oil based are difficult to take off the skin and could causes blocked pores. If acne wounds come out, further use of cosmetic product even noncomedogenic ones should be discontinued.
Be it a man or a woman, a teenager or an adult, we are one in this battle against acne and today nearly every case of acne can be resolved. So let’s equip ourselves with knowledge for us to win this fight.

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