Acne Help: How to Beat Acne

Anyone that suffers with acne (Zits) may feel as if they spend most of their time searching for remedies; although it undoubtedly causes distress, a number of topical remedies are available. The number of people afflicted around the world is huge so science research is making advances; this is good news with the range of effective skin care treatments improving all the time. The acne skin care products available fall into these:

- Preventative: Creams, lotions etc. to help cleanse and tone the skin – Over-the-counter – Specialized, on-prescription acne products

Those that fall into the preventative category are based around general skin conditioning. For example, toners and skin cleansers that have been formulated to help prevent acne. We should all use products like this to maintain our skin and prevent future problems from occurring.

More specialized cleaners are designed in the same way as acne skin care products; they clean out the pores to help stop sebum or oil which clogs up the pores. These types of products are reducing the chance of oil staying in the pores and aiding the growth of harmful bacteria which assists the formation of the skin condition.

This type of skin care treatment also includes those which exfoliate such as skin peels; most can even be purchased over the Internet in addition to normal outlets. Dead skin cells and other atmospheric pollutants are removed cleaning the pores which reduce the chance of any bacterial growth.

The growth of the skin care market has allowed even more specialized acne skin care products to be available without the need to visit the doctor. Most of these creams etc. are based on benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, both of which are the enemies of bacteria (and hence acne); they work by removing the excess oil from the skin and halt the growth of acne.

You should start with a product that has lower concentration of benzoyl peroxide (e.g. 5%) and see how your skin responds. Alpha-hydroxy-acid based moisturizers are also popular as a skin care regime. Because we all have different types of skin, more than one type of acne skin care product may need to be tried. This is quite normal, however, if it is proving to be a problem then consult with your doctor, or skin care specialist.

In more serious cases your skin care specialist may decide that a small surgical procedure can be used to remove the oil and infection from your pores. You are warned never to attempt this yourself as it could lead to serious skin problems.

Your doctor could prescribe a hormone-based treatment to treat your skin problem. Hormonal changes are known to cause acne and such skin care treatments are sometimes known to be effective. With all the treatments available, tackling acne is not that difficult as there are many new products available to help.

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