Acne in Women – Its Causes and Treatment Options

Acne is the bane of women’s existence. Women are particular with every inch of their bodies. Women worry about cellulites, weight gain, hair dryness and almost every thing that affects their extremities. It is not easy for women to suffer from acne.Causes of Acne in Women
Acne in women is often caused by hormonal imbalances. Women do suffer from hormonal changes from time to time. Not surprisingly, women would notice acne right before their menstrual period. Women may also suffer acne at the onset of puberty. Women who are pregnant or are going through menopause may also experience a bout of acne breakout. The high level of hormones in women may also trigger acne breakouts aside from weight gain and hair growth.
Acne in women may also serve as warning sign or symptom of an underlying serious health problem. One of the most common health conditions that affect a large number of women is the polycystic ovary syndrome. This also causes acne on women. It is very important for women to consult with their healthcare provider if they notice any other strange symptoms aside from acne.
Other causes of acne in women may include:
a) Use of oral contraceptives or discontinuance of use of birth control pills.
b) Use of certain types of medications. Antipsychotic, anti-depression and anti-anxiety drugs can cause acne.
c) Use of make up or similar products especially if the person is fond of leaving on the make up for longer periods than usual.
d) Poor hygiene which causes dirt and bacteria buildup. This is why it is advisable that women wash their hair regularly or keep their hair off their face to avoid acne. You should also wash your face with gentle or mild cleansers.
e) Bad diet. Although chocolates and oily foods have not been really proven to cause acne, there are women who experience acne breakouts with certain foods. It is up to the person to take note of what foods cause breakouts and to avoid these foods.
f) Unhealthy lifestyle. Women who do not get enough sleep or exercise may experience regular acne breakouts.
Acne is common among many women. In fact, women tend to suffer from acne more than men. This is not surprising considering women undergo hormonal imbalances and changes more than men.
The effect of acne in women is devastating. Acne affects their self-esteem and body image. Women tend to get depressed and may result to them being socially withdrawn. It is very important that women seek treatment for acne before they suffer more from it.Treatment Options for Women’s Acne
Women have various options when seeking treatment for their acne. They could try the really expensive but totally effective treatment which includes laser therapy which also helps in revitalizing the skin and removing scars.
They can also try Dermabrasion which removes shallow scars and minimizes existing ones. Some antibiotic creams or oral antibiotics can be tried out too, but you would need prescription from a physician. Of course some herbal creams are available online that are BFAD approved and is worth the try.

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