Causes of cystic acne

There isn’t even one prove for the causes of cystic acne disorder, on the other hand there are few reasons that causes cystic acne. Cystic acne usually can be found on our face skin, it is most common to appear inside the skin and it’s usually triggering you with annoying red rash. The skin becomes red and swollen in the acne zone and causing a harsh on your skin. These harsh are generally found filled with pus and by scratching this infected skin to get rid off cystic acne you will only get it worse as it might spread all over your face and make it difficult to control it.The number one cause of cystic acne is genetic as it was absolutely proven by scientists. The outbreak of cystic acne can also be explained by the terms of hormonal changes. If you are a teenager or pregnant woman or in other situation, that might change your hormone levels naturally or unnaturally – you are more likely to suffer from cystic acne. Bare in mind that not all hormone changes cause’s acne. But when you also have acne in your family history and diet problems and other unhealthy habits it raises the odds fro suffer from cystic acne for a long term. Even stress in some cases can cause acne.Cystic acne is a major skin disease. The main treatment for this skin disorder is cleaning your face at least twice a day and prevent bacteria on your skin. It is also advised not to squeeze it as it might cause scars.

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